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Exposing The Unwritten Agenda Behind Fulani Conquest Drive

 Exposing The Unwritten Agenda Behind Fulani Conquest Drive Has anyone not noticed that the act of terror which always results in the killin...

 Exposing The Unwritten Agenda Behind Fulani Conquest Drive

Has anyone not noticed that the act of terror which always results in the killing and maiming of Biafran residents especially in the North without provocation, is no longer coming up. Do you see that despite the hot chase the Eastern Security Network (ESN) is giving to the Fulani herdsmen terrorists in Biafraland, these blood sucking mercenaries in the North, still shealth their swords.

Something definitely is not adding up somewhere. There is actually a change of plan or a script which the Northern leaders in conjunction with the British government are trying to write or act on.

They, the Northern Fulani leaders and their managers are doing all they can to subtly bring this war strictly to the South by making it a zone in crisis. They know that if they should start attacking Biafrans in the North, there will be high rate of reprisal attacks also both in the North and in the South. 

They and their handlers are carefully studying the tensions emanating from all sections of the country and very carefully, they are playing the game of cards. The Fulani government of Nigeria has now taken to intense intimidation in Biafraland, using the military. They will suddenly look for a name to tag the military excesses that will legalize their harassment of law abiding citizens while setting up another plan of attack.

What I see them doing is simply trying to create a hypocritic peace in the North while they incite violence in the South-East. This will help them to carry out aggressive killings of our youths using the infused Fulani military. They will try to instigate this crisis in form of cultism and call it militant unrest. While our people in the North would seem to be at peace, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu will be blamed for the unrest in Biafraland.

It was this same pattern that the British colonialists used to deceive the world when they termed Biafrans fighting for survival, rebels. That same tactic is what is about being applied. Then they will face the South-West and lobby their way into juicy appointments. They will also lobby their media of propaganda to keep saying that the Eastern Security Network (ESN), set up by Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, is killing innocent civilians while the Fulanis in Nigeria military uniform, will kill our men and abduct our women to the North as sex slaves.

This is the time to really work on our discipline, work to defend our right to live and not just to exist.

Written by Anioke Chukwunonso

Edited by Peter Oshagwu

For Family Writers Press International

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