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Hypocrisy: The Shame Of Silence

Hypocrisy: The Shame Of Silence "Stop inciting war", you are a war-monger", "Kill Nnamdi Kanu, he wants to bring war on ...

Hypocrisy: The Shame Of Silence

"Stop inciting war", you are a war-monger", "Kill Nnamdi Kanu, he wants to bring war on us, he wants to destroy the unity of Nigeria". "Hypocrisy; all because some of those individuals who thought that it was business as usual, those who considered corruption as a national cake that had to be jealously guided because of their involvement in the sharing formula. 

They kept afloat, a country dressed in  nepotism and invention of evil just because they were opportuned to be found within the corridors of power. They found themselves amidst associates, spokesmen and influencers of the policies of corrupt leadership mercenaries who have invaded all the crannies and subjugated helpless Nigerians.

Presently, the propagation of freedom is rapidly spreading and right on the lips of everybody because the monster (terrorism), which was created and nurtured, has massively grown and can no longer be contained. Very recently, Professor Wole Soyinka and some media personnel have prezented no other option rather than to agree that the inhabitants of Nigeria, are really at war. 

The questions then are: Who are those bringing the war to our doorsteps and why has the Nigerian media and all the state governors silent on this brewing doom? Why has Professor Wole Soyinka remained mute all this while until now that the war came to his doorstep? Does it mean that he never saw nor heard before now about this same war on the doorsteps of other indigenous civilian populace?

It has clearly become evidential with the admission of the Nobel Laurate that  the inhabitants of Nigeria are undeniably at war. This goes a long way to confirm the disgusting hypocritic leadership, all the inhabitants have been subjected to. For everyone who echoes the song about the unity of Nigeria, comes a confirmation of some shady attachment of interests such individuals garner from the federal government. 

Otherwise, how would one maintain silence right in the face of damning government imposed terror on the same people such a leadership prides itself to be responsible to? There are unfortunately those who feel arrogated as super-humans due to the so-called immunity they enjoy for oppressing their people. Nigeria is not and will never be a country for the law abiding citizens so long criminal impunity and subjugation thrive.

This is an enclave where party is thrown by the fortunate on getting a visa to escape from his/her ancestral home for humiliating menial jobs in Europe and elsewhere. An enclave that wantomly destroys every just means of livelihood. There exists no good roads, no educational sustainability, no gurranteed security of live and properties, no good healthcare system and no portable drinking water. There is virtually nothing on ground with which to improve or sustain the lives of the indigenous citizens. Must you therefore wait until there is war on your doorstep before you begin to speak out?

Professor Wole Soyinka may have been so fortunate to have escaped this episode of war but what about you? Will you be that lucky? What else do you have in Nigeria except your breath? Join the clarion call for the peaceful dissolution of this one inglorious entity called Nigeria, now!

Written by Anioke Chukwunonso

Edited by Peter Oshagwu

For Family Writers Press International.


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