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Terrorism: Confrontations With Fulani Herdsmen In Biafraland Rests Squarely On Eastern Security Network

 Terrorism: Confrontations With Fulani Herdsmen In Biafraland Rests Squarely On Eastern Security Network Investigations carried out by Famil...

 Terrorism: Confrontations With Fulani Herdsmen In Biafraland Rests Squarely On Eastern Security Network

Investigations carried out by Family Writers Press International concerning the mayhem orchestrated by Fulani killer herdsmen in Ebonyi State, were quite revealing. The governor of the State who also doubles as the Chairman, South-East Governors Forum, Engineer Dave Umahi, was being economical with the truth when he recently stated that events in Biafraland within the past few weeks, were carried out by aggrieved indigenes of the affected communities. The international community in it's entirety, should  hereby be notified that it was the courageous personnel of the Eastern Security Network (ESN), that have been solely confronting the Fulani killer herders that are rampaging Biafraland and not the indigenous host communities.

On the spot investigation conducted by Family Writers Press International at the three major flash points of confrontations between the Fulanis intently destroying farmlands and the Eastern Security Network in places like Orlu in Imo State, Isuikwuato in Abia State and Isu-Okoma in Ebonyi State, clearly confirmed  otherwise. The indigenous host communities definitely have no confrontations with the Fulani killer herdsmen but rather, the officials of the Eastern Security Network with Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, as their Commander. He has always claimed responsibility for those who cared to listen, for the activities of this security outfit.

Isu town in Onicha local government area of Ebonyi State, was visited by a crack team of investigative journalists from Family Writers Press International, on gathering first hand information, aimed at unraveling what really transpired within this vicinity.  It was confirmed that it was these marauding Fulani herdsmen that killed a native of Umuniko village in Isu, with the name, Nwite Njoku. It was news of this his death in the hands of these Fulani Herdsmen that camped in this host community, that alerted the response of the operatives of the Eastern Security Network. They swiftly came in and embarked on detailed combing of Isu bushes, forests and environs in the bid to rid these communal areas off the presence of these Islamic terror invaders. 

Therefore, it is callous for the Ebonyi State governor, Dave Umahi, to subtly lope the aggrieved and traumatized indigenes of the community into what they totally do not have knowledge of. This is yet another sinister ploy of trying to pitch the Nigerian government against the leadership and youths of Isu town. A calculated orgy of genocidal onslaught is being  sought against the innocent dwellers whose farm produce worth millions of dollars have been dastardly destroyed by the Fulani herdsmen. The Ebonyi State government has not deemed it wise and expedient to put up modalities of some compensations to the victims to help cushion the gruelling effects of this act of terror and criminality.

On the visit of Family Writers Press International to a youth leader in one of the villages in Isu town, it was further learnt that  since Thursday 7th January 2021, both the indigenous young men/women and as well, visitors to the village during the last Christmas and new year festivities,  peacefully tripped to the settlements where these Fulani herders were camped. These intruders were humanely requested to vacate the bushes, forests and farmlands, to avert further destruction of crops of the indigenous land owners. The herdsmen, instead of heeding to the candid plea, frustratingly lost their control, rising in anger  with their criminal activities, against the villagers. And until recently, they gruesomely killed Mr. Nwite Njoku for daring to challenge them for the destruction of cassava farms in the community.

Meanwhile, the alleged attack on the police station in Isu town was investigated. It was revealed  also that the operatives of the Eastern Security Network on night patrol of Wednesday 3rd February 2021, aimed at forestalling further herdsmen attack, came under a coordinated attack of the Nigerian military. The offensive of these officers who were drafted earlier same 3rd of February 2021, from Abakiliki military cantonment, resulted into a deadly arm confrontation between the patrolling Eastern Security outfit personnel and the military men who were quartered around the police station. This encounter resulted in the destruction of vehicles amongst others, within the police station.

Family Writers Press International, as at the time of filing in this report, yet gathering additional relevant information from  within Isu town, with the full intent of establishing all that transpired in that part of Biafraland.

Family Writers Press International.


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