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Terrorism: Northern Nigeria Leadership And Their Defence Of The Global Fourth Deadliest Terror Group

 Terrorism: Northern Nigeria Leadership And Their Defence Of The Global Fourth Deadliest Terror Group The heightened level of hypocrisy coup...

 Terrorism: Northern Nigeria Leadership And Their Defence Of The Global Fourth Deadliest Terror Group

The heightened level of hypocrisy coupled with the disgusting display of insanity, coming from the Northern leadership of Nigeria, on the part of the Fulani killer herdsmen, is terribly amazing. This group of terrorists is the fourth most deadliest, according to global terror index ranking. In a country that has the level of atrocity being routinely committed by the Fulani herdsmen terrorists against law abiding citizens, the Northern leaders have always stoutly stood in defence, with the Nigerian media being the willing tool employed for the dissemination of accompanying false narratives. The Nigerian media must as a matter of expediency, apply itself to the consciousness of humanity and guiding ethics in it's untamed reportage of falsehood.

In this 21st century, the Nigeria Northern leaders have persistently been pushing the narrative of cattle routes which to every sane mind, is no longer fashionable in any part of the world. The former governor of Bauchi State, Isa Yuguda, in his recent interview, painted the picture through his announcement to the global community that the fourth most deadliest terror organization (Fulani herdsmen), were being mistreated. The question then is, why are the Northern governors and the legislative arms of their respective States, hell-bent on defending the indefensible? Why  has the Nigerian government not deemed it yet fit, to proscribe these Fulani killer herdsmen despite their criminalities? Why are the Northern governors and the Nigerian government in complicit, defending the atrocities of these blatant Islamic murderers?

According to Isa Yuguda, these people are Fulani herdsmen and the world clearly knows them as terrorists whose activities are clearly evident in Nigeria. They have consistently carried out gruesome acts of criminality like murder, rape, forceful land grabbing, amongst others which rightly describe them as terrorists. The Nigerian Inspector-General of Police, in the contrast, surprisingly gave a tacit confirmation to the general public on the floor of the Nigerian Senate that these same Fulani herdsmen who live in the bushes and forests, are foreigners and not Nigerians. 

Despite the ban placed on Open Grazing as a result of the terror-related activities of these marauding cattle herders, the Nigerian government and it's Northern collaborators, have so arrogantly  refused to enforce the law. They have instead, pushed the narrative that these Islamic terrorists are pastoralists. If therefore, these cattle herders that are constituting nuisances/insecurity, brandishing varying degrees of unlicensed assault weapons like AK47 under the cloak of pastoralists are truly foreign terrorists, why then is the Northern leadership frantically putting up defence against their atrocious activities? Why are they canvassing that the Nigerian government should grant them (terrorists), unfettered access to the lands of the indigenous citizens?

This "One-Nigeria" project is by all indication, a complex scam which has clearly placed various ethnic nationalities and their peoples in a state of pandemonium. Collectively, the Southern part of Nigeria must raise it's voice against the damning upsurge of terrorism being masterminded by the Nigerian leaders. It is systematically being driven by these Fulani killer herdsmen. It is important therefore, to categorically state here that these Fulani cattle herders are by every assessment, neither pastoralists nor farmers and have definitely in no way, contributed to the growth of the Nigerian economy. They are Northern Islamic foot soldiers unleashed on Nigerians in line with years of well plotted agenda of overruning everybody. Their stock in trade is intimidation, death and domination. They have to be vehemently contained, resisted and defeated.

Written by Anioke Chukwunonso

Edited by Peter Oshagwu

For Family Writers Press International.


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