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The Arrest Of Orlu-Based Jewish Worshippers Is Another Act Of Religious Persecution

 The Arrest Of Orlu-Based Jewish Worshippers Is Another Act Of Religious Persecution The Nigerian Islamic government has once again, demonst...

 The Arrest Of Orlu-Based Jewish Worshippers Is Another Act Of Religious Persecution

The Nigerian Islamic government has once again, demonstrated another systematic religious persecution of Jewish worshippers, this time in Orlu, Imo State. Recall that recently, the Nigerian military, acting on the directive of the presidency, murderously conducted both land and aerial attacks on the defenceless, innocent Biafra citizens in Orlu. This was in response to the unanimous declaration of the people that Fulani killer herdsmen, must have to vacate the bushes, forests and farmlands due to their continued destruction of farm crops by their cattle within Orlu and environs. The vacation of these cattle herders as given, provoked the Supreme Court imposed governor of the State, Hope Uzodimma, to arrogantly invite the military into the land both to victimize and kill the inhabatant peasant farmers.

On arrival of the military in Orlu for the sole purposes of terrorism activities, they were met with stiff resistance from well coordinated, people-oriented security outfit called Eastern Security Network (ESN). The operatives of this security outfit, were already dutifully stationed in Orlu for the sole purpose of providing protection of the indigenous farmlands in the communities. Report contained in an update given by the spokesperson of the joint military operations in Orlu,  to the general public, that the personnel of the Eastern Security Network (ESN), thoroughly humiliated the poorly trained and totally unprofessional Nigerian soldiers and police, earlier deployed to carry out operations. Following the rock-resistance that the Nigerian forces suffered, they capitulated and withdrew out of shame, from the bushes and forests they had earlier invaded for attacks.

It was after this disgraceful withdrawal, that the soldiers transferred their aggression to the Orlu-based Jewish  adherents. The grossly uncultured soldiers then carried out the invasion of a synagogue and arrested a Jewish Rabbi known as Kelechi Nwachukwu amongst others, and took them to an undisclosed location. It is therefore important to clearly bring this to the knowledge of the international community, that the Nigerian army in their over decades of the prosecution of their hypocritical fight against Boko Haram terrorists, have never ever invaded any mosque in their desperate search for terrorists, Fulani killer herdsmen, bandits nor carried out an arrest of an Islamic cleric. Despite the fact that the soldiers equally engage in armed confrontation with these Islamic criminals even close to their worship centres (mosques), such a development has never taken place.

It is therefore necessary to ask the Nigerian government, the reason behind it's unabated and blatant conduction of religious persecution against Jewish worshippers in Biafraland? A couple of years ago, the Abia State Command of the Nigerian Police, under the former State Police Commissioner, Anthony Ogbizi, arrested, tortured and illegally detained Jewish adherents in Umuhia, the State Capital. The inhuman treatments meted on the religious group was embarked on during an annual religious process called Hanukkah. The adherents were arrested and inhumanly treated, with the then Police Commissioner, Anthony Ogbizi, telling newsmen in a media briefing, that the Jewish mode of worship was not acceptable in Nigeria and that Judaism was equally unrecognized in  Nigeria. It is not surprising that the Nigerian government has since then, never hidden it's hatred for the Jewish community in and around Biafraland. Presently, the military has once again flexed it's muscle by raiding some synagogues in Orlu, arresting worshippers and tagging them operatives of Eastern Security Network (ESN).

The world must as a matter of obligation and expediency, give condemnation to this incessant religious persecution being meted out on the Jewish worshippers within Orlu and it's environs in Imo State. The Jewish worshippers did not in anyway, commit any crime known to law because of their mode of worship nor is their Jewishness an attack on the culture and tradition of Orlu indigenous citizens. The Eastern Security Network (ESN), does not operate in the synagogues nor do the operatives make any synagogue their hideout. The ESN operatives are right inside the bushes, forests and farmlands. Therefore, any persecution being driven against the Jewish community and worshippers in Orlu or anywhere in the world, should be clearly noted as a religious persecution meted against the Jewish State of Israel and other Jews scattered all over the world. The Israeli government must have to rise up against this array of undeserved persecution of the Jewish people of Biafraland. The government of the United States of America should unequivocally condemn this ongoing religious persecution and equally compel the Nigerian government, to obligatorily respect religious freedom as being practiced all over the world.

Written by Mazi Onyebuchi Eze

Edited by Peter Oshagwu

Family Writers Press International.


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