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The Fulanisation Script And The Self-Imposed Conquest By The Southern Leaders

 The Fulanisation Script And The Self-Imposed Conquest By The Southern Leaders Leadership in the Southern part of Nigeria, be it within the ...

 The Fulanisation Script And The Self-Imposed Conquest By The Southern Leaders

Leadership in the Southern part of Nigeria, be it within the East or West, has remained on silent mode even when the country seems embroiled in war. Present day Nigerian constitution was so structured to wholesomely promote Islamic agenda and influence and nothing else. It is in direct contrast to normalcy in a given secular society, which is pointedly giving support to Northern hegemony. 

The Nigerian Constitution is infact Islamic in all it's content. It lends credence to Islamism. Overtime, the Southern leadership has gravely lost it's steam based principally on the squabble/division between the East and the West. With this incoherence, the Fulanis boldly stepped in, to aggravate the creation of more internal enemies, with the help of the Southern media on one hand while also employing the usage of the same institution, to propagate unity amongst the Northerners.

The Fulanis have successfully manipulated their way into truncating any sense of unification in the South. Their additional intent in their covert Islamic package, was the creation of Niger Delta Commission aimed at disintegrating the South into smaller units. Based on these very acts of dissolution and subtle ethnic disintegration, the South yieldedly became a territory that is prune to irresistible conquest.

The Fulanis did not relent with that agenda, but proceeded further through their decision to empower their stooges into the control of communities with the aim of destroying the very essence of peace within the various indigenous ethnic nationalities. They empowered the willing tools to fast track their bidding, their ethnicities, nonetheless. 

As a result of this crafty and melancholic plots of subversion, the people today, have the likes of PANDEF in the so-called Niger Delta, OHANEZE NDIGBO, in the South-East and AFENIFERE in the South-West. The Southern region became so pauperized with this designations for unhindered propagation and instigation of HATE and DISUNITY amongst the people, to fundamentally advance and cushion their selfishness and political bias.

They also have governors forum of the North even within the South while the supposedly Southern governors forum is bedeviled with in-fighting premised on sharp tribal and ethnic divide. The South and it's leadership haven been politically conquered, placed in the hands of those who pride themselves as leaders, the unavoidable pledge of allegiance to the "United North", for blessing on any political ambition. This evil allegiance also encaspulates the bidding of the Fulanis, whose interests must be adequately protected in the region even at the detriment of the people. The media has to be effectively used to give protection to their criminal activities while projecting the rightful indigenous land owners, as the Nigerian problem.

Today, that is precisly why, despite all the atrocities being perpetrated by these marauding Fulani killer herders amongst other mercenaries from the North, nothing happens. The indigenous people of the South are being hunted down daily and the only thing their politicians could do, is to continually turn blind eyes due to their fears of losing out of favor with their Northern political slavemasters.

 Considerations are not given to the fate of their already overburdened/impoverished people just like what obtains in the South-West where a security outfit known as "Amotekun" has been rendered an object of ridicle. In the South-East, the so-called governors, members of House of Assembly and Ohaneze Ndigbo, were subtly tricked into proscribing their youths. 

The Nigerian military was drafted in, to kill and maim thousands and hundreds of their able-bodied young men and women via murderous military expeditions tagged "Operation Python Dance 1, 2 and 3. The offence committed was their effrontery to speak against unjust economic/political policies imposed on the region. In the so-called South-South region, they unequivocally termed the youths  therein, militants. PANDEF, the governors and the legislators as a leadership, were employed to lend support to the creation of a military siege in the region.

This is a morbid tactic driven to destroy the South by the South, ostensibly for selfish political gains. Just only a handful of Southern leaders do exhibit some measures of boldness to speak out and challenge this cacophonic trail of injustice on behalf of their people. This war is already at the doorstep of everyone with most of these opportunistic leaders also being hunted. Their treasured immunity is being threatened as they now clearly glare at the imminent war. The earlier therefore, you raise your voice in defence of yourself, family and neighbor, the better for all. The war is real and it is here with us. 



Written by Anioke Chukwunonso

Edited by Peter Oshagwu

For Family Writers Press International

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