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The Nigerian Terrorism Merchandize And The Criminal Complicity Of World Leaders

 The Nigerian Terrorism Merchandize And The Criminal Complicity Of World Leaders Ideally, if there be anything that has openly shown the hyp...

 The Nigerian Terrorism Merchandize And The Criminal Complicity Of World Leaders

Ideally, if there be anything that has openly shown the hypocrisy and the cynical disposition of world leaders pertaining the plight of Africans, it is majorly, their enduring, ardent criminal complicity. This stems from the romance of the Nigerian government with Northern Islamic terrorists. It is baffling to the global community that the United Nations Security Council (UNSC), has maintained deafening silence over Nigeria's payment of jumbo ransom to Fulani bandits and Boko haram that have pleasurably, been terrorizing Nigerians. 

The United Nations Security Council, especially a member nation like the United States of America, has often times declared zero tolerance for terror-related activities. But it seems like their efforts are only channeled into eradicating terrorism in the Middle East and the Maghreb, without having any interest in the atrocities that are daily being committed in Nigeria.

The Nigerian Islamic government has continually run terrorism-sponsored administration from different fronts and the same United Nations Security Council do not in anyway, feel perturbed. It has turned blind eyes on the criminal activities of these "messengers of death and destruction" in Nigeria. Will the governments of nations like the United States of America, United Kingdom, France and Russia really claim ignorance of what the Nigerian government is presently doing in proxy with Sheikh Ahmed Gumi, through the brazen dispatch of colossal amount of money to the Fulani bandits (terrorsits) in the Northern part of the country? The Nigerian government is irrefutably using this Islamic cleric as a mediator between it and the Islamic murderers. This covert arrangement factored in to help facilitate the procurement of more deadly/sophiscated weapons with which the terrorists execute their heinous crimes against the indigenous inhabitants, onto forceful submission.

If therefore the world leaders are sincerely transparent in their global fight against terrorism, they should expediously beam  their searchlight on Nigeria. If they fail to hold the Nigerian government accountable for the prevailing spate of terrorism build up, sponsorship and spread within the West African sub-region, it then means that the lives of millions of the people are not valued. It simply stands to butress the fact that the continent of Africa has been subtly undermined and exempted from the global security program of the United Nations Security Council. Fulani killer herdsmen, Fulani bandits, Fulani kidnappers and Boko Haram terrorists, have unabatedly been perpetrating heinous crimes in Nigeria. 

They have willfully and murderously been invading/sacking villages, killing military personnel, destroying farmlands and raping innocent women. Instead of the Nigerian armed forces to definitively through the instrumentality of classified intelligence, hit their respective hideouts, arrest and prosecute them, it is rather resorted to employing the usage of a notorious Islamic cleric like Sheikh Ahmed Gumi to send millions of naira to them as ransom each time the Northern governors stage-manage the kidnap of school children. Sheikh Gumi has even proceeded further to place a demand for amnesty program for the so-called bandits which have in futherance of their Islamic agenga, killed many and wantonly destroyed properties, with handful of the innocent, rendered homeless. Their criminal activities could be traced to Kaduna, Zamfara, Katsina and Sokoto States.

It is disappointedly unfortunate witnessing such a romance of treachery against law abiding citizens, between the Nigerian government and the Fulani Islamic terrorists on one hand and the immoral silence of the world leaders on the other hand. This act of callousness and betrayal is making the entire people of Biafra to strongly insist that the only leeway out of this mess, is to secede to adequately defend their land. It then becomes necessary and urgent for the leaders of the world to initiate proactive modalities that would facilitate the arrest of this menace of terrorism in Nigeria. 

Nigeria has to be divided to save lives in Africa. If the global leaders therefore continue to feign ignorance of the plight of the people in this respect, then they should be readily prepared to contend with the damning consequences that will stem from the forceful exit of the indigenous nations callously lumped together in the colonial Nigeria contraption. They should critically weigh the very resultant effects of their inactions because this artificial edifice called Nigeria may certainly suffer an unprecedented wave of hostilities that would rattle the world, thereby breaking the very essence of the protocols required  for peaceful referendum.

Written by Mazi Onyebuchi Eze

Edited by Peter Oshagwu

For Family Writers Press International

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