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BIAFRA: We rather live in difficulties, than live in abundance as slaves

 BIAFRA: We rather live in difficulties, than live in abundance as slaves I am a teacher, I write about history. I tell about the atrocities...

 BIAFRA: We rather live in difficulties, than live in abundance as slaves

I am a teacher, I write about history. I tell about the atrocities left behind by Nigeria Government. This unfortunately is evil in the sight of the government.

So kidnap us oh DSS. Watch oh Eastern Governors and Senators as they take us into the dungeon. Put us in your gulag, lock us up and use your corrupt judges to hold us hostage. 

We write about the dirty politics of APC vs PDP. We write about the lies called Nigeria census. 

The selection they called election. How they steal mandates using INEC and Supreme Court Of Nigeria. We tell of Senators who goes home with millions in salaries, another millions in allowances, and not forgetting the ones that acquire billions through mindless corruption. We told them about useless governors who stays for 8years looting their people dry and betraying them. We refused to be among their shameless e-rats. For these DSS said we are the problem; that we are their problem and must be kidnapped. They said we should be kidnapped. They said we must stop writing and be blind to the truth. They said we are corrupting the youths. That's when we are liberating them and unbinding their slave chains.

They said we are bundles of evil. That's because we expose their masters. Evil heartless men that have enriched themselves and impoverished the country.

They said we must be tracked, caught and arrested. They said we must be followed and I say to them, Kidnap us oh DSS, watch oh Eastern Governors and Senators as we are taken away.

But nothing you do will stop these generations of youths. We rise today to question the fact that a man came all the way from Britain, together with his girlfriend and called us Nigeria. We reject that name and we say an emphatic no to it. We reject slavery and say today that we rather live in difficulties, than live in abundance as slaves. We are free men and women and we got the right to live freely. Free to decide where we want to be and choose a name by ourselves. We say that we are not going to hand over to our children this slave camp called Nigeria. A land that pampers terrorists and kill peaceful protesters. We reject you. And nothing you do to us will ever stop us.

You have gone to Aba kidnapping youths.

You have gone to Owerri kidnapping young boys and girls.

What is their offence? They said enough is enough.

When kidnapped, we know we might not make it back alive. We know you all are mindless killers. We know you were instituted to kill citizens and not to protect them. To guide the thieves ruling us and kill whoever that raises a voice.

But let me ask you all this singular question.

What will our kidnapping by you poor soldiers, police and DSS serve you?

What will the death of a freedom advocator serve you?

How did those you killed during Operation python dance help stop the agitation? Those you killed in Afaraukwu, Aba primary school, Nkpor Catholic Church compound and Head Bridge! Did their death stop the youths of today? So why are you still killing?

Is it not time for you all to see that Nigeria government is using you guys exactly like Napoleon used the dogs in the Animal Farm? You are from the poor circle, and the criminals stealing away your future and that of your children are sending you to kill and kidnap your brothers, sisters and friends. You opened fire at Lekki tollgate killing more than 100 youths, yet the youths are not relenting. Send this message to a southern Soldier, police or DSS you know, but do not forget to say shame on to them.

Tell me how your kidnapping of the voices speaking against the atrocities happening in this abomination of a country is going to save this country? Can't you see it already? That the destroyers of Nigeria remains the same leaders sending you to kidnap us? The same leaders who maintain that Nigeria unity is non negotiable, yet they can't agree to Restructuring. They have continuously refused to hacken to calls on Restructuring. They are hell bent on caging everybody and forcing a backward constitution on us all. They instituted policies that turned us all into slaves. 

They have brought hardship to the people. They for the past 61 years have done nothing other than loot the country dry. They have rewarded terrorists and negotiated with Bandits. Have they not recruited Boko Haram terrorists into the military, in the name of repentant Terrorists? How many of your colleagues have died in the hands of Boko Haram and bandits? I ask you oh southern soldiers, yet they are pampered and paid hugely.

What have we said that warrants the maltreatment from your criminal politicians? What exactly?

The ongoing kidnapping will bring nothing other than the destruction of this Satan's edifice called Nigeria. The people you DSS are kidnapping are never the problem, rather they are victims of wicked governance, orchestrated by the criminals in government. And the more you kidnap the youths the more they rise.

How many are you going to kidnap?

How many are you going to arrest?

How many are you going to kill?

Nothing is as dangerous as an Army of volunteers.

Those that have been terrorised, battered, rapped and marginalized rising up and saying enough is enough. They can't be stopped by mere arrest and kidnapping.

You truly don't know how battered we are.

You don't know why we have taken this path. You don't know how much we have suffered. 

You don't know why upon what you subject us all to, we still stay strong in determination, knowing that freedom will be born one day out of our today's pains.

The arrest of children of light will bring doom to this space. Soon the people will rise against the POLITICIANS sending DSS, Army and Police against them. And when that time comes, politicians will go on self exile. When it starts happening, just know that I said it.

The future we dream of won't come without pains and suffering.

Only Chukwu Okike can save us. Only him can guarantee my safety.

Elochukwu Ohagi, Philosopher, Teacher And Activist, 2021.

For Family Writers Press International.

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