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Biafrans Are The Marked Recipients Of Nigerian Government's Marginalization Policies

 Biafrans Are The Marked Recipients Of Nigerian Government's Marginalization Policies Doubtlessly, for a country to be said to be indepe...

 Biafrans Are The Marked Recipients Of Nigerian Government's Marginalization Policies

Doubtlessly, for a country to be said to be independent, it must have the capacity to effectively run it's own affairs without external interferences. This is what is essentially referred to as "sovereignty". Unfortunately, this is not what obtains in Nigeria which lacks the capacity and capability to so do, thereby plunging the inhabitants into confusion, obligated vices and deaths.

Up till date, Nigeria as an acclaimed independent country, yet remains externally controlled or tele-guided by her colonial master, Britian. This has in no small measure, greatly enhanced the economic growth of not only Britain, but also, China amongst others. These nations subtly and deceptively crawled in with jaundiced manifestoes that aided them into unhindered carting away of natural resources particularly from Biafraland, worth billions of United States dollars on successive basis. They have succeeded in impoverishing Nigeria with attendant aggravated rates of unemployment and seeming endemic nepotistic conflicts.

To oil these conflicts and vices within, the study of history has clearly been scrapped away from school curriculum in order to keep the growing populace, groping in stark ignorance. This trend has subsisted to the extent that many have so been mentally enslaved that their oppressors are being tenaciously defended and those who come up with contrary views are being hunted down as marked enemies.

In the year 1967, genocidal war was levied against the Easterners (Biafrans), by the then Nigerian government. This attritious war was orchestrated by years of maladministration and parallel or partisan rulership. The Eastern region (Biafraland), strenuously took to self-defence as a right in the face of unprecedented genocide driven by combined military forces made up Northerners, Westerners and their foreign allies of France, Britain, Russia, Egypt, etcetera. These nations plotted to completely drain the natural resources within the Eastern part of Nigeria. However, most of this substantial natural deposits like crude oil, zinc, coal, salt, amongst others, up till date, yet remains the basis for the wars which are being surreptitiously concealed from the gullible by the Nigerian government.

Recall that after that 1967 to 1970 war, Biafran survivors which included the young, were deceived into a mutual meeting with a detachment of the Nigerian soldiers in Asaba, the current Delta State capital city. This invitation they unsuspectingly obliged to as a way of showing their acceptance of peace and end of the gruesome war. They never knew they were tricked into further massacre. Very unfortunately, the Nigerian soldiers opened fire on them, after separating the males from the females, thereby wasting additional number of thousands of Biafrans. The nepotistic and genocidal Nigerian government has since then, not hidden it's evil agenda of hunting down Biafrans especially if they speak out about their cherished identity.

Sadly, the above described atrocious treatments amongst many others not herein mentioned, are the policies of the "One-Nigerianists". Most of these "hunters" and the "beguiled" are Easterners too that have equally become rebellious against their own people just like what transpired during the ancient Israeli captivity in Egypt. Few of them chose to enjoy slavery rather than joining their brethren in the fight for their freedom. Such is what is being presently experienced in Igodomigodo, Igbanke, Oju, Obi, Ado, Ogoni, etcetera. Though some of them were carved out into alien states (boundaries) and those that objected to denouncing their Biafraness, were being steadily massacred, abducted, raped and robbed, daily.

These ill treatments  and scrapping off of history from the school curriculum have unabatedly continued to the extent that many could not really identify their Biafran origin. Some even marvel hearing that they are Biafrans. However, the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), led by Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, need to be appreciated. He has risen up to lead the redemption of these set of Biafrans amongst others, out from their predicaments. IPOB has unequivocally stated that they will never allow any part of Biafraland, to remain under the slavish clutches of the British controlled Fulani government of Nigeria, come what may.

The governors of the concerned states like Samuel Ortom of Benue, should as a matter of obligation, offer untainted security protection to all Biafrans domiciled therein. Otherwise they will be left with no other option than to expect the arrival of the operatives of Eastern Security Network (ESN), to provide the needed security to all the Biafra communities that are being presently persecuted by the Fulani killer cattle herders.

Written by Joshua T.

Edited by Mmaduabuchi Daniel Freeman

For Family Writers Press International.


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