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Detailing The Expository Broadcast Of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu On The Fulani Conquest Drive In Biafraland

 Detailing The Expository Broadcast Of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu On The Fulani Conquest Drive In Biafraland The reason behind the killing of male chi...

 Detailing The Expository Broadcast Of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu On The Fulani Conquest Drive In Biafraland

The reason behind the killing of male children of  Chukwuma Nzeogwu's homestead of Aniomaland during the Nigerian genocidal war in the present Delta State, was because of the killing of Ahmadu Bello who as the then influential Fulani leader, instigated ethnic crisis across Nigeria. Censored history will never state this truth. Ahmadu Bello openly and biasedly declared war on both the financial and economic development of a particular section of the country. In one of his interviews in the late 50s, he pointedly stated that "he will not allow the engagement of an Igbo indigene (Biafran), into any position of authority within the Nigerian federation. He very defiantly gave description of the strength of character and determination of the Igbos to succeed, as a feature of dominance. This man clearly instigated the most horrendous ethnic and religious bias/tension that has till date, irreversibly eaten deep into the very fabrics of the ironically proclaimed "Giant of Africa". The first publicized hate speech ever to be recorded was that voiced by Ahmadu Bello.

Surreptitiously, this age long drawn agenda of the Fulani caliphate, aimed at the forceful conquest of the indigenous land owners within Nigeria as initiated and declared, was brazenly carried out in full measure with the callous imposition of terror and blackmail. The dominance of all sensitive positions in Nigeria by the Fulani oligarchy, has remained non-negotiable despite the required qualifications or positions. It is an age long sinister plan of action that has been articulated for today's aggressive implementation across every length and breadth of Nigeria. This war of attrition was solely premised on diverse kind of crimes against humanity on conquest drive particularly targeted against the Igbos as a people. This agenda is yet at the front burner of the Nigerian Fulani controlled government.

What is being presently witnessed is the orchestration of a grand plan aimed at showcasing overwhelming dominance. The dastardly destruction of the country's education system through debased funding and grants formula, the incessant industrial actions which have given room for negligence and decadence which are invariably taking their tolls on both the staff/students and the nefarious extinction of historical facts and data from the school curriculum are all integral parts of the hidden agenda. The economic strangulation of Biafraland through the closure of seaports, international airports and numerous provocative police and military siege all over, are systematically being employed to infuse fear and terrorize the citizens into submission. All these are state-sponsored approaches coupled with extra-judicial killings and abduction of Biafran women for sexual assaults. These are moves lined up by the Nigerian Fulani controlled government targeted at re-invigorating the hate factor as publicly proclaimed many decades of years ago by Ahmadu Bello against the Igbo speaking indigenous people otherwise known as Biafrans.

Any worries then why up until this very moment and despite the institutionalized hate levied against the Igbos, the Fulanis yet stand opposed to the demand for a separate or an independent Biafra nation? Has it occurred to you, the reason behind the constant gruesome massacre of the Igbos (Biafrans), resident in Northern part of Nigeria at any slightest anti-radical Islamic action anywhere in the world? Have you really thought about the reason behind the quota system of governance instituted in the country by this Fulani oligarchical government? A clinical probe or consideration into the above concerns, will definitely confirm the issues raised in this write up. 

Written by Anioke Chukwunonso

Edited by Peter Oshagwu

For Family Writers Press International.


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