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Terrorism: Akpugo Community Calls For The Intervention Of Eastern Security Network (ESN)

 Terrorism: Akpugo Community Calls For The Intervention Of Eastern Security Network (ESN) A desperation call has just been received at the n...

 Terrorism: Akpugo Community Calls For The Intervention Of Eastern Security Network (ESN)

A desperation call has just been received at the news desk of Family Writers Press International. It came from Akpugo community of Nkanu-West Local Government Aeea of Enugu State. The provacatively ugly report has it that Fulani killer cattle herders laying siege on Akpugo town with particular reference to Uzzam village, are blatantly destroying farmlands, streams, valuable economic trees and as well, attacking virtually everyone who dare get close to challenge their nefarious activities. According to one of the indigenes of the affected village who pleaded anonymity, he stated in a telephone interview that the menace of these marauding Islamic killers in Akpugo, is gradually getting to a tipping point. He angrily narrated the plight of the indigenes as gravely worrisome because the infamous Forest Guards established by the Enugu State Government, are presently being monetarily compromised by the leadership of Miyetti Allah. They are detrimentally conniving with the terrorists to pillage the communities.

When asked further about the plans of Akpugo town union and the youths body in curbing the excesses of the Fulanis, he stated that Akpugo town leadership is already complicit in the menace and so, cannot confront them. He lamented that the forest guard was established by the Enugu State Government to solely protect the forests and bushes within it's territory but the reverse has rather become the case now. Instead, the forest guards have metamorphosed into Miyetti Allah vigilantes in Akpugo and environs. They now shield these Fulani cattle herders from the revolt of the peasant farmers and few other youths who wish to carry out cautionary actions against the enemies. 

The young man who revealed leaving his base in Benue State to return home to his community on hearing about the gruesome killing of a woman in her farm, passionately pleaded with the operatives of Eastern Security Network (ESN), to urgently come to the rescue of Akpugo community. He maintained that the body language of the Enugu State Government, has placed the lives of Akpugo indigenes in great danger. The government has been over time, pampering these marauding terrorists even in the face of their heinous crimes being perpetrated against the people. It was made explicitly clear that the youths have been intimidated into submission and so, are presently, helplessly watching the Fulanis engage in wanton destruction of the town's economic interests. The anonymous caller specifically pointed out that the community is desperately looking forward to the much desired intervention of the Eastern Security Network (ESN), because they can no longer put up modalities that can aid them out. ESN should as a matter of urgency, completely intervene and help expel these Fulani killer herdsmen out of Akpugo community bushes, forests and farmlands. The people earnestly need some respite.

Ogbuebor Onyebuchi Eze

Reporting for Family Writers Press International.


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