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The Planned Destruction Of The Economic And Financial Sustainability Of The Hausas

 The Planned Destruction Of The Economic And Financial Sustainability Of The Hausas There certainly will be panic in Northern Nigeria, resul...

 The Planned Destruction Of The Economic And Financial Sustainability Of The Hausas

There certainly will be panic in Northern Nigeria, resulting from the lamentations of Hausa farmers over their indisposed perishable farm produce. The word "Hausa", is herein adopted because the Fulanis are aliens, are not farmers by nature. This fact must be clearly noted. It is a war of survival definitely, for every ethic nationality that is entrapped in the Nigerian contraption. 

The Fulanis have unabatedly extended their war to the Northern indigenous Hausa farmers from all fronts. They actually understand that the Southerners will not go hungry and can take to extensive farming once their bushes and forests are sanitized of the Fulani terrorists who pleasurably derive satisfaction from raping, killing and destruction. They pretentiously want to destroy the economic development  front of the Hausa farmers, thereby rendering them uncompetitive in the foreseeable future.

The indigenous Hausa farmer and his cash crops are  gradually being eliminated. The Fulani man has definitely nothing valuable to loose. His primary objective is preparation for war (jihadi conquest). He does not have tomatoes in his menu neither does he care using onions. Same thing goes with other perishable, consumable food items. 

The burden rests completely on the Hausa farmer. Presently, the Fulani man is enmeshed in war drive primarily to destroy the financial economy base of the Hausa man. He employs the deceit of threat against the Southerners to strangulate the business platform of the indigenous Hausa farmers. The Hausa farmers are loosing their wealth amidst the callous blockage of market exports of their cash crops which they have seasonally labored for. In a bid to consistently subjugate the Hausa man, the Fulani man pretends to be defending him.

Agricultural goods worth millions of naira have unpreventably been destroyed. The indigenous Hausa man is totally at a loss while the Fulani man remains satisfactorily unaffected. His main concern is on the war for conquest and land grabbing, and at both ends of the tide, he (the Fulani man), would most assuredly be swallowed up. His blind and evil quest to conquer and dominate the South with the intent of dipping his Qur'an in the Atlantic Ocean, will earn him being irredeemably drowned. The wave of his luciferian agenda to kill and pillage innocent indigenous land owners will definitely escort him to his waterloo.

In just within one week, Hausa farmers have reportedly lost food items worth over one hundred million naira (N100,000,000) due to the Fulani imposed blockade against the transportation of indigenous Hausa farm produce. The Northern Hausa farmers have no other option than to arise and defend their right to financial sustainability. Their right to financial freedom has come under grievous threat of the Fulanis that have overrun their land. The Hausas must note that the Fulanis careless absolutely about nothing other than their agenda for conquest, subjugation and domination. This is the time for the indigenous Hausa populace to courageously rise up, dust up and take definitive actions for their survival.

Written by Anioke Chukwunonso

Edited by Peter Oshagwu

For Family Writers Press International.


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