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Unknown Gunmen Were Floated To Destabilize South-East And South-South Regions--Mohammed Danmallam

 Unknown Gunmen Were Floated To Destabilize South-East And South-South Regions--Mohammed Danmallam Southern part of Nigeria comprises of bot...

 Unknown Gunmen Were Floated To Destabilize South-East And South-South Regions--Mohammed Danmallam

Southern part of Nigeria comprises of both the South-East and South-South regions and are always ranked as the most peaceful regions in the entire country. The Enugu State former Police Commisioner, Mohammed Danmallam pointedly gave confirmation to this assertion. These regions have remained the most serene of all known environments in black Africa.

Mohammed Danmallam made this salient statement in a lecture titled: "Contemporary Security Challenges in Nigeria, South-East in Perspective". This lecture was organized and delivered at the 82nd Division of the Nigeria Army's Operations Planning, Cadre 2018 Training in Enugu. The former Police Commissioner stated: "The current security challenges facing Nigeria is the evil of our time and the fight against this heinous crime is a great challenge to our generation. 

However, it is evident that in spite of these security challenges, the South-East region still remains one of the the most peaceful in the country. "Major security challenges that could have dramatically disturbed the peace, security and stability of the region, have been effectively silenced", he further stated. And this exactly, is how it has realistically been.

Critically taking a look at the condition of things as they present themselves today, it does appear that the Northern part of Nigeria has gravely imploded by the series of terror activities ongoing therein. This section of the country has become the worst hit of all regions in Africa today, voilentwise. The region houses up to four different most deadly terror groups according to global terror index ranking. However, the APC cum Buhari run Nigerian government are strenuously trying to ensure that the same insecurity that is ravaging the North extends to the South-East and South-South regions, respectively. 

This they intend to achieve through the hiring of bandits now christened "Unknown Gunmen", to actualize the plot. The y7et to be identified gunmen, are busy rattling the region and disturbing the peace of the Nigerian security operatives protecting the indigenous citizens. The Northern leaders are actually not happy and satisfied with the level of peace and tranquility that are prevalently being enjoyed in both the South-East and South-South regions. And for this hateful discomfort, they have resorted to their usual method of engaging/hiring terrorists from the North who traverse  the regions under cover, with the sole purpose of destabilizing the serenity which has existed therein, over the years.

Since the beginning of the year 2021, news pertaining the emergence of these killers have been rife. They have been killing Nigeria uniformed security personnel especially police officers, carting away large quantity of arms and setting the police stations/vehicles ablaze. It is therefore surprising what actually these men stand to gain from this mayhem. It could also mean that this is a ploy craftily floated to adequately prepare the ground for 2023 general election. One just hope that the Nigerian government should not turn a blind eye on this array of unwarranted killings targeted against the security operatives posted to keep the peace, protect lives and property in the South-East and South-South regions.

Written by Obulose Chidiebere

Edited by Peter Oshagwu

For Family Writers Press International

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