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You Left EU Through Brexit, Stop Supporting One Nigeria— Nnamdi Kanu Tells British Government

 You Left EU Through Brexit, Stop Supporting One Nigeria— Nnamdi Kanu Tells British Government The leader of the Indigenous Peoples of Biafr...

 You Left EU Through Brexit, Stop Supporting One Nigeria— Nnamdi Kanu Tells British Government

The leader of the Indigenous Peoples of Biafra, Nnamdi Kanu has criticised the Boris Johnson-led British government for supporting one Nigeria to the detriment of the people.

He also stated that the Britain which left the European Union (EU) through Brexit has no moral justification to prevent Nigeria’s indigenous peoples who are clamouring for self-determination.

Kanu accused Britain of aiding and abetting the President Muhammadu Buhari-led administration of Nigeria. 

According to him, the UK is allegedly helping the terrorist herders to kill people in towns and villages.

He went further to berate the British government for failing to lend military aid to Nigeria in tackling the Boko Haram terrorists, but suddenly has awakened to resist the agitations for self-determination.

The IPOB leader said this during his live broadcast on Tuesday evening.

Catriona Laing, the British High Commissioner to Nigeria on Monday, while speaking to newsmen in Abuja on the 2019/2020 UK Chevening scholarship beneficiaries, said the UK government was committed to helping Nigeria fight insecurity.

“We are extremely concerned about the deteriorating security situation. I mean, Nigeria is facing a lot of problems everywhere – in the northeast, terrorism; in the northwest, banditry, kidnapping; in the middle belt, the farmers-herders conflict; in the south, the Niger Delta conflict everywhere. And the secession movements in the south-east. So, Nigeria is really struggling.

“Well, we are here to support and help. We have the military team here, who came here after the Chibok girls were kidnapped actually. We are still here, training the Nigerian military, helping them to do campaign planning, how to counter IEDs,” Laing said.

Reacting, Kanu said, “If being one with the other people is a very good thing, why did Britain support the disintegration of Yugoslavia? I asked myself, why did Britain leave the EU if diversity is a wonderful thing? Why did it leave if being one big family is a good thing? I’m asking that Catriona Laing this evening, that demon of a woman, that why did Britain leave the EU?”

Kanu went further to encourage agitators of self-determination regardless of their ethnic group never to back down.

He also faulted the Nigerian Army for allegedly protecting killer Fulani herders as well as supplying them with weapons from the neighbouring West African nations.  

“Fulani people are attacking us in Enugu and Ebonyi states. The Governor of Ebonyi State, Dave Umahi was in support of the slaughter of his own people by Fulani terrorists. These Fulani murderers from Niger Republic, Senegal, Mali and the Gambia are providing military assistance to the Nigerian Army who in turn give arms to Miyetti Allah to kill innocent people.    

“Resistance is the key. No matter what they do to you, remain focused. We are going to defend our land. The Nigerian Army is providing escorts to Fulani murderers in all our villages and towns to slaughter people."

“The British government is actively aiding and abetting the Fulani government in the Zoo called Nigeria. The British government led by Boris Johnson who is presiding over evil government in Nigeria through Catriona Laing, the British High Commissioner needs idiots to be in power in Abuja, that’s why they are protecting the Fulani. Don’t allow yourself to be used or intimated, especially our Oduduwa brothers and sisters. You must remain strong,” Kanu said. 


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