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Derivable Benefits Of Biafra And Ambazonia Alliance

 Derivable Benefits Of Biafra And Ambazonia Alliance An alliance is a globally adopted primary form of International Relations (IR) as well ...

 Derivable Benefits Of Biafra And Ambazonia Alliance

An alliance is a globally adopted primary form of International Relations (IR) as well as a National Security Policy (NSP). Alliances are forged between nations or  people groups to foster socio-political, economic or military cooperation/developments. Ambazonian and Biafran alliance automatically connotes having friendly-based operations as may have been definitively spelt out. During the first and second world wars for instance, the United States of America joined forces with other nations of likeminds thousands of miles away, to militarily prosecute set objectives with bases established outside her shores. 

It could have been a herculean task if that window of effective networking of credible alliance with other countries was not created. Post-war era would have equally witnessed bitter, suspicious and unprecedented hostile relationships amongst countries if there existed no such friendships. And because such healthy relationships existed, the United States of America even up till date, can yet operate viable operational military bases outside her shores which could readily aid her in strikingly responding to notable hostilities against her interests. 

Her military bases for example, extensively dot South Korea following the Korean war and quite a sizeable number of troops are steadily being deployed even with no immediate or visible threat of war. This is responsibly maintained according to the tenets of mutuality clearly agreed to.. Taking a cue from these existing alliancess therefore, it is noteworthy to state here that Ambazonia and Biafra will stand to gain much from each other as they evenly advance to achieve their aims and objectives via alliance.

Allied nations elsewhere in our contemporary world, give permission to one another to as a matter of mutual trust and choice, establish and retain military bases if that suits their cooperation. This is fundamentally premised on the need for rapid response to hostilities against perceived interests. They do not trifle with such an adventure. Russia, France, Britain, etcetera, besides the United States of America, are all involved in this enterprise outside their own shores even in peace times.

The focal interest of the Ambazonia and Biafra alliance is to possibly, pull their military strength and strategies together against Cameroon and Nigeria that have over the years, stood on the way to self-relization. The governments of these countries have esteemed themselves as adversaries and threats to the existence and freedom of the people of both emerging nations. The combined strength of Ambazonia and Biafra could be harnessed and utilized in various advantageous ways that will greatly advance both collective and respective purposes. 

Most importantly, this alliance will enhance portent resistance and deterrence to aggressors. It will serve as an offensive catalyst of submission politically, of aggressive governments that stand on the way to freedom. These strategies nonetheless, hinge basically on the functionality of this alliance as it exclusively promotes cooperation in times of possible conflicts with the enemies. Herein, lies it's credibility. These neighboring emerging nations will also through this relationship, stimulate viable and impactful economic security and investment for their peoples.

Written by Obulose Chidiebere

Edited by Peter Oshagwu

For Family Writers Press International

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