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Ebubeagu Security Network: A Hypothesis Of South East Governors

Ebubeagu Security Network: A Hypothesis Of South East Governors Security is an essential part of the society. It's embedded in two of th...

Ebubeagu Security Network: A Hypothesis Of South East Governors

Security is an essential part of the society. It's embedded in two of the three basic needs of man, vis-a-vis clothes and shelter. It is sacrosanct to every environment, thus it aids total coexistence and fosters economic growth of any nation.

The insecurity issues and the killing of more than 20 people by the murderous, notorious and terroristic Fulani herdsmen in about four communities in Ebonyi state two weeks ago, precisely on the 31st of March 2021 was the peak of it all in the south eastern state comprising Abia, Anambra, Enugu, Imo and Ebonyi state. This became the last straw in the shameless and unconcerned disposition of governors of the region to the extent that it led to disgustful formation of EBUBEAGU SECURITY NETWORK on the 11th of April 2021 after a meeting of the five governors.

 In  the comprehensive communique as read by Dave Umahi of Ebonyi state the following was resolved:
"The political leadership in the south-east has resolved to bring together all the arsenals at their command, as one united zone, to fight and flush out criminals and terrorists from the zone; 
The summit resolved that to achieve this, there is a need to galvanize all the relevant stakeholders in the south-east, the political class, the business community, the bureaucrats and the intelligentsia to provide all necessary support to security operatives in the five south-east states to ensure total success in the fight against criminality in the zone;
The heads of all the security agencies in the South-East have resolved to exchange intelligence in a seamless, effective new order that will help to checkmate crime in the zone. To fast track crime-busting in the south-east, the heads of security agencies have been mandated to draw up a comprehensive list of their logistics and material needs for sustainable success in the fight against criminality, for the immediate provision by the leadership of the south-east;
The meeting resolved to maintain a joint security vigilante for the South-East otherwise known as Ebube Agu. The meeting appreciated the formation of South-East joint security outfit codenamed ‘Ebube Agu’ — headquarters in Enugu to coordinate our vigilante in the south-east;
The South East Governors Forum therefore asked the IGP to stop the influx of IGP monitory units and allow police commissioners and state and zonal commands to handle their cases;
It was also categorically resolved that Open grazing has been outlawed in the region;
They equally spoke of peaceful coexistence between the herders and farmers".

This resolutions has attracted mixed reactions, while some were asking why forming the EBUBEAGU SECURITY NETWORK this late, others are arguing that there is already a trusted and efficient EASTERN SECURITY NETWORK. But all these shows by the governor are because of Pride and hypocrisy.

Looking at the communique, they restated that  open grazing is still outlawed but were also asking for a peaceful coexistence between the herdsmen and the farmers. What should the two statement mean? 

There's no interconnectivity, interoperability between the herders and farmers at all because normally the activities of the herders are disruptive, destructive and  totally prohibited in the region. If I am to ask the governors, based on the peaceful coexistence of the farmers and herders, does it mean that the farmers should give their land to the herders for ranching or to give their crops as feed to the cattle? This is a hypocritical statement.

Even though nobody is allowed to mention it. Of course, the one Nigeria online crusaders (not that we care) will freak out with name calling and foul language. But, for as long as IPOB, under the leadership of Maazi Nnamdi Kanu draws breath, we shall say it. You can not be a judge, jury and prosecutor in your case. The Terrorists are Fulani. The herders are FULANI. The bandits are FULANI. The security chiefs are FULANI – it is only wise that Fulani should step aside for an independent operator.

We can not be foolish to allow Fulani appointed governors with ZERO interest in the well-being of their people establish a security outfit ostensibly for the Biafran people but operated and commanded behind the scene by the Fulani. That would be a Greek gift to Troy. Only this time, it is from Fulani to Biafrans!

Even the use of the acronym, ESN, is a breach of the copy right law and an evidence of hypocrisy.

It's time for the south eastern governors to stand up and call a sped a sped. It is not difficult unless one is under the control of a terrorist Fulani.


Written by Onyemachi Gabriel Eme

Edited by Chibueze Daniel

For Family Writers Press International

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