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Exposition Of The Incompetence In Nigerian Security Intelligence.

Exposition Of The Incompetence In Nigerian Security Intelligence. Like an African proverb says; "when the gods wants to kill a man, the...

Exposition Of The Incompetence In Nigerian Security Intelligence.

Like an African proverb says; "when the gods wants to kill a man, they will first make him mad''.
One would want to ask if the gods have made the Nigerian intelligence agencies mad, probably to fully expose the height of their stupidity.
Where has intelligence gone to, in their operations?
These are questions begging for answers around the modal with which the Nigerian security agencies discharge their duties. 

The event of Monday 5th of April 2021 which saw the attack on the Nigerian correctional center and the state Police Headquarters both in Imo state by some unknown gunmen has shone so great a light on the low intelligence level of the Nigerian security forces. It goes further to prove to the world how intellectually poor the security operatives in Nigeria are.

In the light of the said event, actions of the security forces especially the police showed serious signs of mental  derailment and short-sightedness. How could a crime of such magnitude happen under their nose without an inch of confrontation from the security agents?

At a time when all and sundry were still in awe at how porous and incoherent the Nigerian security architecture is, the then so called inspector general of police,  Adamu Mohammed made the assertion that the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) and Eastern Security Network (ESN) were responsible for the attack, and this was in barely 2 hours after the incident.

Within such short timeframe, did it mean he had conducted investigations and came to a cognitive conclusion about who carried out the attack? I think such Intelligence can only come from the moon or as seen in those super Sci-fi movies.

This unguarded utterance has since stirred so much dust among the people with common sense to the extent that the Movement for the Actualisation of Sovereign State of Biafra (MASSOB) and its leadership, which has long shared a divergent view to that of IPOB clearly and unequivocally stated that the statement was false and unacceptable. And it is doubtlessly and very glaringly so. The IG as well publicly exposed the plan of action of the Nigeria security forces on the attack, a position which ought to have been kept top secret until it is implemented. It is only a spoon fed child that can exhibit such level of stupidity. 

Roughly about 4 hours after the IG made the statement, Miyetti Allah, a cattle breeding association characterised with raping, killing, maiming and forcefully occupying indigenous territories came out to claim responsibility for the attack, but the IG was quick to absorb the pressure off the group. This points to the fact that the whole scenario could as well be a set up against IPOB and its leadership to give it a bad name in order to justify the massacring of her members.

On the same day of IG's unguarded utterances, the president of Nigeria sacked him off the position of the inspector general of police because he(the president) has seen in him, a man who is beyond stupid and has since appointed his successor.

It is very disturbing that a national intelligent sector that is supposed to be armed with intelligence and seek to be proactive in crime detection and prevention has always been caught unawares and in deep slumber when criminal attacks are being perpetrated, is so wanting in their job.
And in order to cover their shame, they lay hands on the innocent and tag them criminals. This must not continue!

Nigerians should understand now that it is solely everyone's individual duty to protect oneself and family. Like one of the Nigeria retired generals have recently said, if we trust the current weak and uninformed national security structure for our safety, we will all definitely die.

Thankfully, the governor of the very state where the attacks took place, Governor Uzodimma has come out to exonorate IPOB and ESN; stating that they have no hands in the attacks.

Perhaps the gods just wanted to make a public caricature of the disjointed security structure of Nigeria.

Written by Eme Onyemachi Gabriel

Edited by Chukwuemeka Okechukwu 

For Family Writers Press International

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