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FWPI Editorial: The Oath And It's Implication

 FWPI Editorial: The Oath And It's Implication With the reoccurring incidences of betrayals associated with the struggle for Biafra inde...

 FWPI Editorial: The Oath And It's Implication

With the reoccurring incidences of betrayals associated with the struggle for Biafra independence, alarm should be clearly sounded for all agitators to fully understand the evolving nomenclature of the restoration project. It is very important that one needs to abide to the principle of checks and balances, as much as critically reflect on how this unique liberation effort really started.

Unfortunately, it is regrettable to note that many that enthusiastically embarked on this journey, do not understand the leverage of the mission vis-a-vis the implication of the oath of allegiance taken before being enlisted into the struggle. Or better still, the full import of the benefits or repercussions as the case may be, are being taken for granted. People give up the fight for freedom just because of enticements of little peanuts (money) or empty promises from the officials of the government of a directionless, retrogressive and impulsive entity called Nigeria.

The fight for Biafra restoration thus, is a divine call, a call to determine a destiny, a mission and submission propagated through a distinctively churned out divine mandate to the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB). This mandate is to liberate the land from the shackles of slavery and darkness. It is not a do or die affair nor an avenue created for power mongers to exibit their habitual murderous activities as it is already happening in the present day Lord Lugardian company named Nigeria.  

Biafra restoration is divinely assigned in the realm of the spirit but it is so sad that people do not read, research or remember what has been   prophezied over the Biafra restoration project, four thousand years ago by a Scottish philosopher named Nostradamus. The great seer opined that "A Prince will rise from the trigger of a gun in West Africa (East) and will be envied by others. He has been assigned to prevail to liberate his people". The above insight has significantly shown that the Biafra restoration effort ably being led by Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, Prince of Afara-Ukwu Ibeku, in Umuahia, Abia State, before his late father, is divinely chosen to champion this project no matter what it takes.

Working against this divine mission therefore, has grave consequences to whatsoever compromises the oath either by jeopardizing the effort of the people towards freedom from the wicked coven which Nigeria represents or get involved in other subversive activities. Biafra restoration remains sacrosanct with the fight of the present generation which has became obvious with the aligning progressive sacrifices that the people are daily making. There is the dire need for everyone that has had contact with the restoration oath, to desist or distance himself/herself from acts of sabotage, envy, jealousy, division, selfishness, hatred,  blackmail amongst others, against the brethren. The love for money, fame and domination issuing out from the camp of the janjaweed government of Nigeria, have retributory consequences of generations.

The Biafra restoration struggle has indisputably become more matured and it will be insensible for anyone to work against the people for crass egocentric interests. All should take note of the pay back time because the oath, which includes wiping out of one's entire generation, in case of one betrayal of the IPOB cause, is yet potentially active. It is necessary for all to critically reflect on both the short term and long term resultant effects of whatever action before delving into whatever, to avoid generational curse. According to Abraham Lincoln: "Be sure you put your feet in the right place, then stand firm". 

We must desist from instability and remain consistent as the only pathway moving forward with the mandate because there are lots of things happening already around us everyday. Spying upon the wasted blood of the people is a curse that cannot be revoked. Let us remain untainted ambassadors of Biafra anywhere we find ourselves, by humbly contributing our individual quotas that will help to facilitate the freedom of the Biafran people. 

The day of Biafra is very imminent and she remains God's own kingdom here on the planet earth.

Written by Elemeghideonye Nnamdi Stephen

Editor, Family Writers Press International.


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