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Mohammad Adamu Should Be Prosecuted For Criminally Indicting IPOB Over Imo Attack

 Mohammad Adamu Should Be Prosecuted For Criminally Indicting IPOB Over Imo Attack It is shamefully disappointing and smacks of grave profes...

 Mohammad Adamu Should Be Prosecuted For Criminally Indicting IPOB Over Imo Attack

It is shamefully disappointing and smacks of grave professional incompetence for the immediate past Nigerian Inspector-General of Police, Alhaji Mohammad Abubakar Adamu, to rashly accuse the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) and operatives of Eastern Security Network (ESN), of masterminding the Prison break and attack on Police Command Headquarters in Owerri, the Imo State capital city. The former Police Chief before his retirement, had voiced condemnation of both IPOB and ESN for the attacks carried out in Owerri on the early hours of Monday being 5th of April 2021, by unknown gunmen without proper investigation.

This is what these Fulani opportunists and their collaborators do whenever there arises any act of insecurity in the Eastern region but are at ease eulogising the atrocities being committed by Boko Haram terrorists and the so-called Fulani bandits that are ravaging the North. They have been relentless waves of momentous proportion against military facilities up North, in which the Fulani Islamic terrorists have severally claimed responsibility and yet no flexing of muscles by the Nigerian government. 

Retired Mohammad Abubakar Adamu had never rashly or publicly condemned nor investigated the heinous criminality being perpetrated by his brethren. He in company of his cronies, only derive satisfaction, making unguided and provocative statements against innocent Biafrans, out of sheer hatred and biasness. The Nigerian compromised media buy into their delusional antecedents by giving jaundiced judgments and indictments in their hasty and concocted posterings against IPOB.

The hatred of Biafrans by this retired Fulani Police Inspector-General, smacks of his vindictiveness and bitterness against the people of the Eastern region which have further confirmed the scripted Fulani disenfranchisement and extermination plot targeted against the people. This is being subtly floated and driven to overrun the land of the indigenous inhabitants for total occupation and domination. 

In the recent past, the retired IGP had ordered for the arrest, torture and detention of innocent, law abiding Biafran citizens in accordance with the Nigerian government's Northern Fulani Islamic agenda he pledged allegiance to. This was geared towards the clinical implementation of possible annihilation of the people or better still, drastically reduce the growing  population of young Biafrans. They are desperately racing against time to ensure that their dubious and evil agenda are given the needed bite through their brutal confrontation against the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) and personnel of the Eastern Security Network (ESN).

The Intelligence Unit of Family Writers Press International, can authoritatively report that the former Inspector-General of Police (IGP), has throughout his tenure, never constituted any panel of inquiry nor ever publicly condemned the atrocious/criminal activities of his kinsmen, the rampaging Fulani killer herdsmen, bandits or Boko Haram terrorists. This is premised on the fact that they are all covenanted in the same mad drive of accomplishing the same mission of occupational invasion of the entire Southern region. 

It should be pointedly stated here that several attempts were earlier lined up on inception of APC cum Fulani government of Nigeria in 2015, to introduce RUGA (cattle colony) in the entire South-East and South-South regions but was overwhelmingly resisted. This sparked off the persisting bitter hatred against the indigenous people hence his mischievous and malicious accusations without sufficient or substantiable evidence. The Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), are therefore unambiguously putting the entire global community on notice, that should anything untoward happens to any member of IPOB based on this  criminally ficticious accusation, retired IGP, Alhaji Mohammad Abubakar Adamu, should most definitely, be held accountable.

Intelligence Unit

Family Writers Press International

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