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Nigeria And Her Retrogressive Leadership

 Nigeria And Her Retrogressive Leadership The word or name "Nigeria", appears bogus and meaningless to an average Fulani man that ...

 Nigeria And Her Retrogressive Leadership

The word or name "Nigeria", appears bogus and meaningless to an average Fulani man that has virtually no formal education. Nigeria produced graduates positioned in high places like the presidency in past years, could not progressively perform and then it becomes puzzling and deceitful to expect the likes of Muhammadu Buhari of Daura, Katsina State and his associates, to do anything different.

He has remarkably become the worst Nigerian leader ever, since independence in the year, 1960. This  clearly, serves as a deterrent to every intending individual from whatever stock, seeking for such an elective political esteemed office, if really there will yet be anything called Nigeria after the emergence of both Biafra and Oduduwa nations.  Muhammadu Buhari has notably, become the architect of the cacophony of problems in Nigeria today due to his blind, despotic, tribalistic, Islamic and retrogressive leadership antecedent. 

This has gravely burdened all progressive minds who have been completely been schemed out from making viable contributions to nation building. The government's consuming passion revolve around cattle rearing and their welfare, nothing more and whether human beings exist, clearly falls short of consideration.

* Benue State Under Buhari's Government

Between late 2016 and the month of March 2017, Agatu community witnessed the most horrific massacre ever, after the 1967 war levied against Biafrans. Buhari's Fulani kinsmen called herdsmen, brazenly unleashed mayhem against the indigenous land owners of Agatu, over the death of a cow. For about two or three good weeks, citizens of Agatu community were gruesomely massacred by these Fulani killer herdsmen, with the Nigerian police and military, looking the other way.  The then President of the Nigerian Senate, Dr. Bukola Saraki actually confirmed that not less than five hundred (500) innocent people were killed. The current Benue State Governor, Samuel Ortom uncontrollably wept like a baby while an arch critic of Buhari's government, Reno Omokri, cashed in on the incident, describing Nigeria as a "slaughter house".

In the year 2020, the Nigerian military yet shamelessly visited the same Benue State, over two missing soldiers. Nigerian fighter jets were deployed, sporadically striking the communities and killing over fifty (50) Innocent citizens, with more than two hundred (200) houses wantonly destroyed including that of a community monarch. Fulani herdsmen and the Nigerian security operatives have obviously remained complicit in terror related activities against the innocent, over burdened populace. One should therefore expect that in a lawless and terroristic country like Nigeria, surviving victims of these atrocious activities must device means of covert retaliations.

If the statement regarding "making Nigeria ungovernable" for the erstwhile Nigerian President, Dr. Goodluck Ebele Jonathan back then in 2011 could undeniably be attributed to Muhammadu Buhari, then it is justifiable to state here that a group of grossly mistreated individuals have taken it upon themselves to ensure that he is paid back in the same coin. Nigeria is presently in disarray much more than it has ever been under any leader. 

The assumed President has turned the country upside down, gallivanting to Europe to squander resources at the expense of the suffering masses, under the guise of medication. He and his associates pleasure in seasonal globe trotting instead of settling down to standardize developments and make life worth living according to their covenanted obligations on assumption of office. 

Nigerians escape to foreign countries in droves amidst plenty, seeking greener pastures due to the visionlessness and despotic antecedents of a supposed democratic government. Recently, London based Nigerians converged in their numbers with Reno Omokri, to harrass Buhari out of his hiding place in that British city back to Nigeria, for him to come and partake in the enjoyment of the terrorism and insecurity he helped to create.

There is no deception. Full blown war is already looming in the country. Buhari's military and police can no longer contain the aggression of the people who have over the years, been unjustly treated. This is the only reason behind Nigerian government's shameless invitation of the British armed forces for allied assistance.

Ifeanyi Chibueze James and Sunday Okafor

Media Analysts

For Family Writers Press International

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