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Transcript: Mazi Nnamdi Kanu joint Press Briefing speech with Dr. Cho Ayaba of Ambazonia

Transcript:  Mazi Nnamdi Kanu joint Press Briefing speech with Dr. Cho Ayaba of Ambazonia Transcript:  Mazi Nnamdi Kanu joint Press Briefi...

Transcript:  Mazi Nnamdi Kanu joint Press Briefing speech with Dr. Cho Ayaba of Ambazonia

Transcript:  Mazi Nnamdi Kanu joint Press Briefing speech with Dr. Cho Ayaba of Ambazonia

Thank you very much great people all over the world, the wonderful people of Ambazonia, my flesh, and my own blood its a unique honor and privilege to share the same platform with one of your leaders, the leader of the war of Ambazonia Dr. Cho Ayaba, who is here today representing the aspirations, the wishes and the hope of Ambazonia people all over the world, and more critically, the leader of Ambazonia himself, the president who is incarcerated in a prison in Yaoundé. A man I hold in great esteem and admiration, our heart, our prayers, our thoughts, and our hope of course go out to him, and we do hope that he will be released very imminently.

My dear people all over the world, Biafrans, and Ambazonians we stand on the brink of history on this very day. 

Today is the 9th day of April in the year of our most high Elohim 2021, it's a day that will go down in the history, the history of BIAFRA and Ambazonia people, and indeed in the history of Africa at large. As a day that our peoples came together with close ranks, identify our common problems and solve it in a speedy and emergence of this every 2 (two) Nations.

We Biafrans and Ambazonias have resolved from this very day to do what we must do, and everything humanly possible to ensure that we change not only the narrative but to begin the process of the eventual reclaiming of our long shared collective heritage, a shared heritage that goes back to the beginning of time, today we are indeed on the brink of history.

A lot of people never wanted us to get together, a lot of people never wanted us to identify with one another, those who are benefiting from our misery and our pains, today we have reduced all of them to nothing.  Because genetically and culturally Biafrans and Ambazonians go back to the beginning of time as original peoples of Southern Nigeria, and Southern Cameroon

Geneticists have sequenced and dated the DNA of Biafrans and Ambazonias and discovered them to be one of the oldest DNA on planet earth, the earliest culture builders of planet earth known to archaeologists and psychologists as the Bantu peoples of Africa originated from within the regions of BIAFRA and Ambazonia. We are old people, we are the people of the ancient.

From this very BIAFRA and Ambazonia regions, the Bantu homeland, and the credo of human civilization, the great Bantus migrations of 1,500 B.C to 2,000 B.C took place to introduce our collective civilizations to other corners of Africa and beyond.

The history of our two peoples, Biafrans and Ambazonians has indeed been at wined and shared from time immemorial. Our forefathers were very much aware of this very shared heritage and destiny of Biafrans and Ambazonians, and at different times of history the coming together of Biafran and Ambazonia peoples under collective leadership, and cooperation has produced economically rewarding results.

We should perhaps mention a few examples here. An example of the powerful and rewarding results that the BIAFRA  and Ambazonia partnership could produce, we have seen in the liberation of Haiti. A former slave colony of the French between 1791-1804 through a historic revolution. Our people are noted because they are warriors. Ambazonians and Biafrans alike flat side by side as one people in Haiti that made Haiti the first black Nation on this very earth to shake off the shackles of slavery and domination.  

Similarly, during the colonial invasion and the subsequent colonization of these regions which was nothing but a sophisticated form of slavery, our peoples, Biafrans, and Ambazonians fought colonial enslavement with everything they have, the formed Ekumeku the secret society of freedom fighters in BIAFRA land that engaged the British invading colonialist for over 3 (three) decades is still very fresh in our minds. 

Again it was the people from BIAFRA and Ambazonia that the burden of ending colonial occupation politically in the region fell on their shoulders. Hence we have the National Council of Nigeria and Cameroon (NCNC), of course well spearheaded by Dr. Nnamdi Azikwe, which was coordinated by nationalists who were from BIAFRA and Ambazonia as a reference in the anti-colonial movement that will produce the present Berlin conference designed state like Nigeria and Cameroon, which unfortunately Biafrans and Ambazonians are suffering untold hardships under.

The sufferings and pains of Biafrans and Ambazonians are carefully and diabolically designed. Neocolonial skims to ensure that our peoples who are natural leaders of the black world never develop, or make any progress consequently leading to the subjugation of the entire African continent in perpetuity. This diabolical Neocolonial skim has not succeeded because the colonial enslavers simply decreed it into existence, no, it was succeeding because some fellow black people or Africans decided to make themselves willing tools in the enslavement of the rest of their brothers and sisters, and this is something that we are determined to bring to an end.

This trend is by no means a recent trend, it's indeed a trend that is old as the Arab enslavement of Africans, and will be perfected through the European enslavement and colonization through invasion of the rest of Africa. In Africa, there are groups whose whole economic existence and their world views have evolved around their collaboration with those who have no values for African lives, and want to destroy Africans by every means.

That's how the phenomenon of the Fulani terrorist proclivity has been created over the ages to destroy everything that is African. It's a proclivity that has engendered the existence of not less than six (6), or seven (7) terrorist groups that are owned and operated by the Fulani people. Terrorizing people and grabbing their lands across West Africa sub-region, it's a proclivity that has been enabled by some evil people both outside, and inside Africa. Both Biafrans and Ambazonians have been victims of this evil, and today going forward we have resolved to bring it to an end.

Over the years, our grandfathers and our grandmothers have so much endured this terrorist proclivity in the hope that it will go away somehow, but it's clear to all that after so much turning of the other cheek because when they slap us on one cheek we turn the other cheek to slap us as well, and in payment and blood this bullies never became reasonable, instead, It has emboldened them. 

This is part of the reason why Biafrans and Ambazonians are coming together, this very day to confront our collective enemies together, we are also coming together to rediscover our shared biological and cultural heritage. Experts and theoretical studies point to the cultural unity of the Biafran people and Ambazonian people because we are one people. Anybody who is doubting us should please consult their genetics studies and DNA mapping which points to a singular origin of both Biafrans and Ambazonians. it's therefore only logical that this day will come.

We are grateful to almighty in heaven Chukwu Okike Abiama puru ime ihe nile (God that is capable of doing all thing). To determine that this alliance will be formed so that God's people will be set free as only him has decreed, we are indeed on the brink of history.

So far, even though our struggle for freedom has had different trajectories, Biafrans and Ambazonians have a shared destiny. Our collective destiny is to once again lead the continent of black Africa to achieve the type of civilization that humanity will marvel at just like our Bantu ancestors did when they civilized the whole of the known world around them.

In the coming days, we Biafrans and Ambazonians will be communicating to the world in sequence, and as the need arises, our blueprint of cooperation preparatory to the reemergence of our Nations just like the almighty God in heaven Chukwu Okike Abiama has decreed, in this vain I hereby welcome every Biafran, every Ambazonian to a new done of our shared destiny and collective leadership of our people to lasting freedom.

Long live the Republic of BIAFRA, long live the Nation of Ambazonia!

Thank you very much.

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