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Unknown Gunmen: A Direct Consequence Of Nigeria Army And Police Brutality

Unknown Gunmen: A Direct Consequence Of Nigeria Army And Police Brutality Madness, they say has no caution! That is why the persistent bruta...

Unknown Gunmen: A Direct Consequence Of Nigeria Army And Police Brutality

Madness, they say has no caution!
That is why the persistent brutal actions of the Nigerian army, police and other security agencies on innocent indigenous citizens can at best be described as madness, seeing they have unabated maintained it without any regard for caution.
They have always been at the necks of law abiding citizens, provoked or unprovoked, irrespective of he fact that  true indigenous citizens have all been very patriotic, loyal and submissive to the rule of law and the law enforcement agencies of the country for many decades now, as anyone would be expected to do in a sane society. 

Security and law enforcement agencies should be a driving force of loyalty, cohesion, peace, unity and patriotism in any sovereign nation of the world, with the sole aim of enforcing and maintaining law and order, while protecting the lives of the citizens. The army protects the citizens and the country against external invasions and are only called upon in internal issues, if the police can no longer handle any situation like a national emergency. While the police is to enforce and maintain peace, law and order within the country.

The Nigeria situation is quite an opposite, awkward and skewed one with the template not existing anywhere in the world. In Nigeria, the army, the police and other security agencies have been torns in the flesh of the citizens since the creation of the contraption, Nigeria. They kill, extort, intimidate and brutalise the armless indigenous citizens. But on the other hand,  protect and provide cover to armed Fulani Janjaweed militias that are pillaging, invading, raping, killing and taking over peoples’ ancestral homes.
Hardly would any day pass by without reports of army or police brutality all these years. Just this week,  the Nigerian army invaded a relatively peaceful community in Benue state and leaving not less than 30 people dead while burning down the entire village.

The killings by Nigeria armed forces have been on the increase with over ten percent per anum. The major increase is seen within the south-east, south-south, and south-west regions of the country, especially towards peaceful protesters and agitators. This led to Nkpor massacre, ABA massacre, Enugu massacre, and forcing the youths to drink and sleep in muddy water along Port Harcourt/ Enugu expressway which lead to the death of many of them in 2017. This brutality was extended to all the fresh and wealthy looking young men of the southern part of the country in the name of fighting internet fraud and cyber crimes.

END SARS protest of October 2020 was a direct response of the youths to the brutality and killings from the security agencies.  At the protest, the president, lawmakers and the Nigerian judiciary connived and ordered the military and the police to shoot the protesters leading to the death of over 200 youths and adoption of many by the security agencies in both the Lekki and Obigbo massacre.

In the pain of all these, the poor masses raised a loud cry to the Almighty God for revenge of the oppressors. And now, the emergence of the unknown gunmen seemingly appears to be an answer to that cry of the Nigerian masses, especially from the south-east.
This can be vividly seen in the mood of the citizens each time there is a report of attack on the security agents by these men of the underworld. 

Since the emergence of the unknown gun, there has been a flip of the coin from death of the citizens at the hands of the security agencies to their own death all around the country. The killing of the security agents has brought calmness, sanity and gladness back to the society and brutality by the security agencies has been on the decline and they (security agencies) have been crying for help which has since led to the resignation of many. 

Each time I think of the unknown gun men, I said to myself, nemesis is catching up with the security agents just as the Holy scriptures said in Matthew: 26:52. “...for all they that take the sword shall perish with the sword".

Never again will innocent citizens be carelessly slaughtered anymore without repercussions.


Written by Onyemachi Gabriel

Edited by Chukwuemeka Okechukwu 

For Family Writers  Press International

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