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Fulani Deputies: Focus On Public Office Holders, Cultural Custodians And The Church

Fulani Deputies: Focus On Public Office Holders, Cultural Custodians And The Church    Fulanis are not Indigenous to Africa. It is confirmed...

Fulani Deputies: Focus On Public Office Holders, Cultural Custodians And The Church 

Fulanis are not Indigenous to Africa. It is confirmed with absolute certainty that they originated from Arabia. Why they fled the Levant (Middle-East), remains mysterious. However, some historians claim that the Fulanis are the rejected outcome of a romantic transaction between an Arab and a Tuareg. Despite the rejection, a Fulani sees self as an Arab. Their ruthlessness to the blacks may not be unconnected to the superiority complex disorder (Arab privilege). Having possessed Hausa as a prize of conquest, the hubris in a Fulani can be a discomforting stench. After over two hundred (200) years of barbarism, the Fulanis feel entitled to Islamize a country that Igbo is an integral part of. You would think they are stupid but they are not. The willingness of many to be deputized is actually their trump card.  
The relationship between politicians and voters or traditional rulers and the ruled, to an extent, in republican Biafra, is that of a master-servant stance . By the end of hostilities in 1970, the Fulani succeeded in dismantling town unions. They influenced the formation of Ohaneze Ndigbo, handpicked the political office holders and demoted the traditional rulers to warrant chiefs. There, was the sloppy precipice to many deputies and the confidence in election process became eroded. Loyalty to voters got mortgaged for special interests. 
Religion is the opium of the masses. Fulanis understood this, coming from a culture of religious conservatism. It is therefore, shocking that a clime with herdsmen strife would birth church leaders who prefer preaching one Nigeria than the application of a simple biblical solution as contained in Genesis 13 Verses 7 – 13. The problem in the British contraption called Nigeria, is of epic proportion. There are chaos here, there and yonder.  Fulanis have virtually destroyed everything they have touched. The poor economic indices, insecurity and so on, are concerning. These are emergences. Yet these people continue to campaign for one Nigeria. They continue to attack Mazi Nnamdi Kanu with the untenable claim that he is insulting. The question then, is why? 
There is a  background story to this behavior. The avarice in church leadership can be read like an open book. The Fulani government's decision to jettison decades of tax exempt policy was a checkmate. Besides, many have skeletons in their cupboards. Crimes like sexual/drug abuse and misconduct, underage sex pay for pleasure and human trafficking, using their ministries as leeways, are part of a hidden dossier. Hence, instead of speaking truth to powers that be, as Jesus Christ did, they shamelessly cower. If the church leaders have compromised, wait until you see the extent the political and traditional leaders are willing to go. As of now, this is one of the first major examples of a powerful group of persons looking to dampen public interest and perception to serve Fulani interest. Leaving the unanswered question: how many influential persons are conducting similar campaigns to shape the public's perception of reality? 
Written and Edited by Chibueze Daniel 
For Family Writers Press International


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