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Fulani Islamic Killers Threaten Attack On Amukwong Community, Cross River State

 Fulani Islamic Killers Threaten Attack On Amukwong Community, Cross River State Report reaching Family Writers Press International, reveals...

 Fulani Islamic Killers Threaten Attack On Amukwong Community, Cross River State

Report reaching Family Writers Press International, reveals a looming danger in Amukwong, Obudu, Cross River State, as Fulani killer herdsmen issued out threat of an attack. This followed the quit order given to the marauding Islamic herders resident in the area.

According to the report, the herders whose cattle have been allowed to pasturize within, since 2019, have now really penetrated the locality with dastardly acts of murderous impunity. Amukwong community is now being taken as a permanent safe haven by the killer herdsmen. Quit notice recently given by the community youths were met with fierce resistance which later caved in due to the youths resilience. The action is presently being feared to elicit dangerous repraisal attack of the Fulanis if pre-emptive and urgent measures are not taken.

The cattle herders were ordered to completely vacate the occupied farmlands of the indigenous people which was resisted, thereby prompting the youths to swing into action of forceful ejection. The resistance of the Fulanis to vacate the area, spurred the indigenous youths to move into the bushes, forests and farmlands to assert their demand. In the process, the Fulanis lost two of their cattle and their huts. The community has been tasked by the invaders, to make payment of two million naira (N2,000,000.00) and five hundred thousand naira (N500,000) compensation respectively, for the two cows killed and the burnt down huts. Two weeks (14 days) were given as deadline to effect the payments or face imminent attack on expiration.

Investigation carried out by Family Writers International, can confirm that some elders and chiefs in Ukalu local government area, comprising Ukpe, Alege, Ubang and Utugwang, had earlier collected a huge sum of money from the Fulanis to enable them have express permission to occupy some portions of their community lands for the purposes of grazing their cattle. It should be recalled that these villagers had severally lodged complaints about the incursion and the wanton destruction of their farmlands and farm produce by the cattle of these marauding Fulanis but to no avail. And because of the connivance of the elders and chiefs of the affected communities, nothing redemptively tangible was done. The youths who having cataloged the suffering of their own people, were left with no other alternative than to rise up in defense of their ancestral lands by boldly confronting this anomaly.

The "Save Our Soul" precarious situation, has definitely warranted the concerned villagers to begin to seek for valuable solutions as many indigenes of the area, are presently calling on the Cross River State Government, to immediately come to their aid before the unimaginable happens. The embattled Fulani herders remain unwavering in their resolve to carry out their threat if their demands are not met. Several persons from the affected area, had undertaken to officially get the State Governor, Professor Ben Ayade, acquainted about the ugly development, with the hope that the matter could be amicably and permanently resolved. It is unfortunate to note that these janjaweed elements have taken over most parts of Northern Cross River State that made up the old Ogoja province.

One of the villagers that so much believes that Biafra is the last hope, grievously lamented the disappointing incapability of his people, to clearly heed the numerous calls of the leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), Mazi Nnamdi Kanu. He has consistently urged our people never to harbor these Fulani Islamic murderers  because of their dangerous antecedents especially to the Biafrans in the region. This evolving development will definitely serve as a wake up call for the people to not only appreciate his (Kanu's) enormous efforts/sacrifices but also to awaken them from their slumber. They have to decisively take up their responsibilities. These vampiric invaders from the Sahel region, must be punitively frustrated out of our land with their islamization agenda being driven against the people of the South.

It is pertinent to also state here that on Tuesday 11th May 2021, seventeen (17) Southern States Governors, including Governor Ben Ayade of Cross River, after their meeting in Asaba, Delta State Capital, issued a Communique which amongst other salient decisions, unequivocally banned Open Grazing across their respective states. This definitive and applaudable popular resolution of the governors, is being described as "Asaba 17 Accord".

Benpraise Loveson Agweye

Reporting for Family Writers Press International.


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