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FWPI Editorial: Nigeria A Nation Without Conscience

 FWPI Editorial: Nigeria A Nation Without Conscience There is absolutely no gainsaying the fact that evolving developments in Nigeria vividl...

 FWPI Editorial: Nigeria A Nation Without Conscience

There is absolutely no gainsaying the fact that evolving developments in Nigeria vividly portray the dire need for a definitive rebirth. Prior to the concocted flag independence of 1960, the British supremacists selfishly conceived and crafted an ENTITY purposefully for their economic convenience, christened Nigeria. Very disappointedly, this turned out to have no definite indigenous meaning to the forcefully merged indigenous ethnic nationalities. The country was purely founded on insincerity, selfishness, lies, deceit, bitter hatred and bias.

On 1st of October 1960, this glorified economic entity, was politically given to the Fulanis through an intentful handover of the scepter (authority) of leadership to the Sokoto caliphate, well represented then by Alhaji Ahmadu Bello. This was brazenly perpetrated despite the cream of well learned and politically refined personalities from the Southern stock of the country. It was craftily reasoned by the British colonialists that the Fulanis, though primitive, uncultured, lazy and somewhat brutal in their disposition, could effectively serve as willing tools (puppets). All the then political elites regrettably wanted, was just to be part of history making, having successfully guided their dream independence, to reality. The Northern Fulanis who are historically aliens in this part of the world, having deceitfully and brutally conquered the Hausas, amongst other Northern indigenous land owners; surresptiously established their emirates with total ease. They became the slave tools in the hands of the British overlords. They were commissioned to supervise the colonialists' overriding interest which hinged squarely on the vast natural resources densely deposited across the Southern hemisphere with Biafraland, being the most predominant.

All the despicable anomalies that have transpired since after the flag independence have remained tales of woe for Biafrans who have remained the main glue holding this British colonial contraption together. They have ceaselessly and excruciatingly, bore the brunt of the unholy union over decades of years of Nigeria's existence.  Ranging from 1966 till date, it has been cacophonic records of gutwrenching and heartbreaking experiences. Waves of economic strangulation, ethno-religious bias, socio-political exclusion, grueling victimization, destruction, abduction, raping, maiming and death, have very painfully been their dividends.

The South-East region of Nigeria has provocatively been reduced to being the hotspot of government-orchestrated acts of terrorism against an innocent people. It should be noted here therefore, that all sane societies globally, have the inalienable right under a given democratic setting, to peacefully place demands or agitate for good life, safety and security. Biafrans for decades have in the light of the forgoing policy of dehumanization, never relented in their quest for a peacefully negotiated independent homeland, as both the Nigerian government and the International Community; seem unperturbed by the sufferings and oppressions that are being exerted on the citizens. And instead of displaying humane leadership and inclusive governance, the Nigerian government has wittingly decided to unleash genocidal orgies of violence against the people without recourse. They are being subjected to all manner of horrifying treatment for daring to speak up against injustice, inequality and slavery.

It has really been a disgusting display of tyranny and vampirism ranging from Operation Python Dance 1,2,3 to Crocodile Tears military expeditions in the relatively peaceful South-East and South-South regions. The Nigerian military and police that are totally controlled by the Fulanis have been on the loose, flexing their muscles against the innocent, instead of providing safety and protection for all, as constitutionally obligated. Quite an innumerable number of unarmed, innocent Biafrans including men, women, children and even the elderly, have been gruesomely murdered in cold blood, maimed, raped, arrested and incarcerated for no justifiable reasons other than that they are Biafrans, the hated race. Properties worth billions of naira have been wantonly destroyed, with the so-called political class of Biafra extraction, shylessly falling over one another, in their crazy bid to service the cravings of their Fulani slave masters at the expense of their own people.

Presently and with the tacit support of the Nigerian Supreme Court installed Imo State Governor, Mr. Hope Uzodimma, the Nigerian army   densely infested by Boko Haram and Fulani herdsmen, have successively been terrorizing the citizens of the State with reckless abandon. Battalions have been deployed from the terrorists-controlled Northern Nigeria, to Imo State (Biafraland), with the mandate to complementarily, wreck havoc against the seemingly helpless indigenous land owners. Their licensed Fulani killer herdsmen counterparts, that have been pillaging everywhere, seem excitedly emboldened in their nefarious onslaught in the area. In Orlu particularly, the Nigerian military amongst other sister security forces are today, blatantly harassing, sporadically shooting and killing the innocent, armless citizens under the guise of searching for "unknown gunmen" and the personnel of Eastern Security Network (ESN). The ESN was solely formed to step into the gap of securing farmlands, forests and bushes, as well as protecting the people from the jihadi onslaught of the Fulani vampric herders. Enormous farm produce are being destroyed while the indigenous citizens are subjectively being made to face horrendous degree of dehumanization. The Nigerian government has succeeded in creating an atmosphere of insecurity across board which has become the launchpad much desired to further their fulanization agenda, Islamic conquest and domination of the South-Easterners.

The civilized international community should therefore, stand up to it's responsibility by putting up effective working modalities that will proactively forestall the looming catastrophe. The people most definitely, will not continue to witness and bear this arrant morbidity and satanic flame of hooliganism. Most assuredly, a season will dawn when "he that lavishly glories in taming the tiger, will one day, end up in the tiger's belly". The earlier the drivers of this evil agenda realize this glaring truth and discontinue with their offensive intent, the better for all. Now is the set time to end all these mindless hostilities against the people! 

Written by Peter Oshagwu


Family Writers Press International.


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