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Mindless Bloodletting On The Indigenous Citizens In Nigeria, Reason For Total Revolution

 Mindless Bloodletting On The Indigenous Citizens In Nigeria, Reason For Total Revolution Without any iota of fear or favor, the leadership ...

 Mindless Bloodletting On The Indigenous Citizens In Nigeria, Reason For Total Revolution

Without any iota of fear or favor, the leadership of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), through it's educative lectures and broadcasts, has consistently reminded the entrapped citizens in contrapted Nigeria, that the government is sinisterly up in sleeves with plots of grave consequences if left unchallenged. This will lead to massive ethnic cleansing of the people, in a bid to forcefully take over all their belongings. 

Times and times again, the IPOB leader, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, has preached on the need for the people to be alive and up against the evil antecedents of the rampaging terrorists that stand at all times to be defended by the Nigerian government. This stems from their carrying out their well planned Islamic agenda of conquest and total domination through their eventual dipping of the Koran in the Atlantic Ocean. It is a call for complete emancipation from imposed subjugation and terror.

The drive for conquest by these Fulanis towards the area of the Atlantic Ocean, is a task that the Nigerian government has intently resolved to accomplish through the total annihilation and massive subjugation of the entire Southern part of the country. The Fulani terrorists are presently heading every strata of both the security apparatus and parastatals of the Nigerian state, for full blown terrorism support and patronage. The government which is Fulani-controlled, has today, been openly defending the cause of terrorism which they instituted. 

They have forcefully baptized the Fulani terrorists into another group called bandits through the instrumentality of the Nigerian media. These so-called bandits have cautiously been sponsored at the full glare of the general public. Ransomes have been paid to these glorified killers that have consistently kidnapped, raped killed underaged school children. They have also hoisted their flag of dominance and possession in areas of rampage and control. The Nigerian government through the Defence Minister (Fulani), would blatantly put up announcements to the world to that effect. They even go ahead to sell the narrative that though these criminals are being convicted in court but are not officially regarded as terrorists.

All these shamefully happen in a country where children are thought in school, to uphold it's honor and glory through God's help. I want to objectively ask: Which honor and glory really, are we as a people, educating our children to uphold? What striking balance of sanity and integrity should we tell our upcoming generations that we have upheld in the decades? Nigeria has continually drifted into upholding and defending the disgusting outburst of terror within the country's structure. Our future and culture are in jeopardy and at the brink of total extermination. We are yet in our wisdom, callously defending the cause of ethnic domination through acts of terror and avoidable pogrom. 

All over the six geo-political zones carved out in Nigeria, refugee camps are being littered all over except for Biafraland. This menace is being perpetrated by the activities of government sponsored terror group led by an Islamic cleric, Sheikh Abubakar Gumi. He is the Nigerian government appointed mediator that negotiates for the release of the captives from the Fulani terrorists, with colossal sums of money paid as ransome. 

Is Nigeria in a state of full blown war? Why the creation of refugee camps all over the country if there is no war? And if the Nigerian media decides to deceitfully call these refugees "Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs), what then orchestrated their displacement from their own lands? There is no other answer to these posers except the results of the murderous activities of state-sponsorship of terrorism which is being openly and aggressively defended by the Nigerian presidency.

The ongoing pressured demands for Restructuring and Referendum are obviously clear. Definitely, the Fulani controlled government at the centre, cannot grant such requests without provoking a war. The indigenous citizens are now left with the only option of a REVOLUTION. Their future generations which is their lifeline of hope/survival and cultural heritage, must have to be secured and preserved. Revolution is the last straw that the oppressed people entrapped in this abbatoirs slab called Nigeria, can adopt. Nigeria is a grievous scam where our youths and children must totally be extricated from the pollution of a deceitful national anthem. There is this dire need to pay heed to the clarion call for a rapid revolution for the wholistic preservation of our heritage and way of life as a people.

Written by Anioke Chukwunonso

Edited by Peter Oshagwu

For Family Writers Press International

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