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Peace Treaty Between Biafra And Fulani Is Totally An Impossibility

Peace Treaty Between Biafra And Fulani Is Totally An Impossibility    “This war will not end. With every mile, my body and spirit break. Eve...

Peace Treaty Between Biafra And Fulani Is Totally An Impossibility 

“This war will not end. With every mile, my body and spirit break. Every jolt makes brittle, my mind. Each step pulls me further from home until I am the shell of the man that kissed my mother goodbye ago, forever. And I tense endlessly. Not knowing which will arrive first, the bullet that takes my life or my final chance for redemption.” .......D. Werner, 18 years old. World War 2 first class Private. 
Brigitte Gabriel, a Lebanese American, a survivor of radical Islamic terror and the founder of ACT for America, offers a historical detail of how a peaceful movement turned violent. In many of her guest speakings, she talked about radical Islam and the irrelevant silent majority. In a nutshell, she explained that it does not matter the number of moderates, as long as they choose not to do what is necessary, the radical few will enslave/kill us. She further disclosed that Prophet Mohammed taught radical Islamists two strategies: one is taqqiya (which is lying to an infidel with a straight face as long as it advanced the course of Islam) and two, is the principle of war (which is a peace treaty).  
The Fulani, like other radical Muslims, understand Al-hadebiya. It was the first deceptive treaty Prophet Mohammed signed with Mecca. They let down their guards thinking they had a peace treaty and he invaded them unannounced and unexpected. Fulanis idolize this dark Mohammedian attribute and implement it at every twist and turn. Having conquered the Hausa race, the Fulanis in their hubristic mind, are convinced that Nigeria is theirs. They are using the two strategies to achieve their aim which is to turn the indigenous people to second class citizens who would pay protection tax. Just as it is in the Caliphate. 
A Pew Research in five countries with the highest Muslim population – Indonesia, Pakistan, Egypt, Nigeria and Bangladesh, in 2013, found out that seventy seven percent (77%) of world Muslims support Sharia law and a Caliphate over Constitution and country. It means that seventy seven percent (77%) of Nigeria Muslim North supports Boko Haram, Fulani herdsmen and bandits. Taqqiya has been on for long. For a peace treaty to happen, the Indigenous people must coalesce to a formidable resistance. These two strategies are what Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, the leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), codenamed the 'devil's alternative.’ That is the use of terror to conquer everyone or when a resistance is mounted, they ask for a peace treaty. And like Prophet Mohammed, within a space of ten (10) years or before, they would succeed in their mission. Either way, whether through violence or peace representative by RUGA, creation of ranch (a private business) or control of water ways, they win. 
Therefore, this war will not end. At least not in a peace treaty. When Prophet Mohammed claimed an angel revealed he would be the last Prophet, he went to Medina to convert the Jews. For twelve (12) years, he was only able to convert his family and close friends, thereby turning a peaceful movement into a violent one. The first Caliphate birthed and lasted for one thousand, four hundred (1400) years. Over two hundred and seventy (270) million people were cut down by sword. Western civilization was impenetrable due to development of sophisticated weaponry and formation of the Crusaders. Biafra shall acquire sophisticated weaponry and arm everyone. Every Biafran must be a Crusader. This war will rather last for million years than for Biafra to have a peace treaty with these children of darkness. 
Written and Edited by Chibueze Daniel 
For Family Writers Press International


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