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Re-Emergence Of Emotional Blackmail: Do Not Fall For It

 Re-Emergence Of Emotional Blackmail: Do Not Fall For It Emotional blackmail! No better description for it. There is definitely no sane huma...

 Re-Emergence Of Emotional Blackmail: Do Not Fall For It

Emotional blackmail! No better description for it. There is definitely no sane human that should be entrapped by this trick of Nigerian jaundiced political class. The question has been: "If Nigeria breaks up today, which country will you go to?" But has it also been asked the protagonists of this One-Nigeria, "Which country will they be if the APC cum Fulani led Nigerian government that have looted the treasury dry, have nothing else left to fall back to? No one definitely eats his cake and still have it. 

Nigeria has completely shot herself on the foot and there is no other place to run to by this crop of dishonest Nigerians in the event of the inevitable because no nation that is worth it's onions, would want to accept such a disgustingly corrupt, terroristic and unreliable group of people. Nigeria is stinkingly an inclosure of evil, death and destruction that has no conscience for progressive change.

Those loved ones that were gruesomely murdered at the Lekki tollgate, Lagos, in 2020, would have decisively opted to take to a different nationality other than Nigeria if they knew that the same country they were erroneously proud of, would turn back to kill them. 

Nigeria only serves the interest of the politicians and their cronies and not that of the ordinary people on the street. Ahmed Bola Tinubu yet had the effrontery to be asking which country will he go to if Nigeria eventually breaks up. He knows that Oduduwa Republic is at the verge of pulling the strings. The Yoruba victims of Fulani terrorism, are today, taking refuge in Benin Republic just because of the fate that unfortunately befell them. 

There is no other ancestral home for them. When Nigeria eventually breaks up, Bola Tinubu and his likes, should shamefully locate to any of the countries to take refuge since they cherish corruption, lies, death and destruction. Let the  already overburdened populace, be spared the hypocritical concern and emotional blackmail of these demented political hawks in Nigeria. Do not fall for their deceits!

Written by Okedinachi Chidiebere

Edited by Peter Oshagwu

For Family Writers Press International.


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