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Reasons Nigeria Elections Should Be Shutdown In Biafraland

 Reasons Nigeria Elections Should Be Shutdown In Biafraland The worst form of Nigerian enslavement is embedded in the organized caricature e...

 Reasons Nigeria Elections Should Be Shutdown In Biafraland

The worst form of Nigerian enslavement is embedded in the organized caricature elections through which the civil rights of the people are being subjugated and forcefully destroyed. Nigeria today, has shamelessly become the world's laughing stock on virtually every consideration. Civil rights and political administration have so despicably degenerated that the country's leadership has so blatantly delved into grueling dictatorship. The political structure is solely based on selection of perceived choice candidates and not anchored on the wish of the people via the ballot box. It has become the shameful windfall of the highest bidders and preferred loyalists to the Sokoto caliphate the consequences, nonetheless.

Electioneering has been mortgaged as one phase of total domination tactically employed by the murderous Nigerian government headed by Fulani terrorists. They have hijacked the affairs of governance to subdue and possibly annihilate the indigenous citizens from their ancestral homes. They have used Abuja seat of power to practically demonize and shred the sacredness of elections which the  delegate power to the citizens, to rightly choose and demand for good governance within their respective States. Numerous gut wrenching negative evidences have propped up over the years, showing comprehensively, that the citizens are being unceremoniously robbed of good leadership at all levels, right from the position of the President to even the lowest cadre of community youth administration. These atrocious political summersaults and misgivings however, need be narrowed down to the boundaries of Biafraland.

The election that took place in Anambra State in November 2017, was entirely one display of disregard and disrespect to the citizens' effort and choice. An election that witnessed ninety eight percent (98%) boycott was eventually granted a result despite massive non-compliance. The Nigerian media was awashed with photoshopped background Northern Christians giving credence to the charade called elections, with the Nigerian government through the instrumentality of the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC), declaring the result from Abuja. This is purely a show of civil crime against humanity. The most recent of this electoral terror by the Fulani infested Nigerian government is the dastardly gross imposition of Hope Uzodimma as the elected governor of Imo State in a supposed democracy. The mandate handed over to Hope Uzodimma, was orchestrated by the Nigerian Supreme Court yet controlled by the Fulanis, amidst incontrovertible evidences from INEC of being ranked fourth as the election results were publicly displayed and declared.

Political hypocrisy and treachery are definitely unsustainable in a visible economy and that has constantly led to unabated failure and economic sustainability of governance. Never again, will the land of Biafra have to deal with the shameful display and involvement in this demeaning surge of Nigerian electioneering experiment that is garnished in terror and humanitarian abuses. The order has been given by Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, the leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB). He clearly said, "If you must conduct elections, the results will be announced here in the State and in the polling booths". Abuja has absolutely no right to impose anybody on the citizens. The question then remains; will the desperate Fulani-run Nigerian government heed to this call for justice and equity? Will the government heed to the humanist demand for freedom and civil rights? Or will the fulanised security agents roll out their tanks as the pattern has always been, to commit yet another genocide against the innocent, armless Biafran citizens in the process?

The global community is closely watching!

Written by Anioke Chukwunonso

Edited by Peter Oshagwu

For Family Writers Press International.


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