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The War Song Of IGP Usman Alkali Baba And The Quest For Unfettered Emancipation

The War Song Of IGP Usman Alkali Baba And The Quest For Unfettered Emancipation At this moment of  history, every sane individual in Nigeria...

The War Song Of IGP Usman Alkali Baba And The Quest For Unfettered Emancipation

At this moment of history, every sane individual in Nigeria is duty bound to rise up to the challenges of the prevailing spate of well orchestrated genocide targeted against the indigenous land owners, with the Qur'an deeped into the Atlantic Ocean. The intent of the Islamists is to culminate their mad jihadi onslaught through their eventual enslavishment of the indigenous civilian population that are entrapped in Nigeria, particularly the Igbo Biafrans. The evolving developments in Nigeria today, are geared towards unprovocably inflicting the drafted mass killing of the South-East civilian population. There is this apprehension however, that over ninety percent (90%) of the entire civilian population of the citizens, are rightly and unanimously clamoring for self-determination.  This quest is premised on their inalienable right to dictate and process their future in the best possible manner they can. It is certain with all the indices and intrigues of the Nigerian government, that the future is no longer guaranteed in the light of the prevalent uncanny state of the country. This is unfortunately, where the whole hell is being let loose via the uninhibited emergence of ingenious talents cum economic development of the people. The preservation of life has been reduced to a caricatured state because the Nigerian government has callously denigrated freedom of speech/expression and association in order to sustain the fight of calmuny against the citizens. War has again, been brought to the doorsteps of Biafrans by the powers that be.

The Nigerian Inspector-General of Police, Usman Alkali Baba, on his recent visit to Enugu State, blatantly declared an indiscriminate "shoot-at-sight" order against civilians. This is by all intent, an issuance of genocidal license to his officers and men which ultimately, should attract summary dismissal from the leadership of the Police Force. In a sane society, this tyrannic statement is a breach of professional conduct but not so in Nigeria where the central government give backing for genocidal onslaught. Truth be told however to all those that care to listen, that Nigeria is already in a state of war through a presumably coded silence. There is a sinister war already ongoing, aimed at establishing a Fulani controlled Islamic empire by every means imaginable. Machinaries of war have already been drafted against communities within the South-East region which has irrefutably, a region that has remained the most peaceful. Such a draconian approach has not been schemed against the terrorist-ravaged Northern Nigeria where violent deaths and destruction are daily occurrences. One singular fact that the Nigerian government has not really come to terms with, is that the quest for Biafra, can never ever be drowned with the scare of war and/or victimization. Systematic siege being brought against the citizens by the Nigerian armed forces, cannot cow the spirit of self-determination. Biafraland will never be surrended for Fulani planned domination agenda. These vampires and Islamic invaders from the sahel region of Africa can never ever see their dreams materialize in Biafraland. The pathway of peaceful restoration which Biafran citizens have resolved to uphold, cannot at any given time, be compromised for extinction any more.

War most definitely, has officially been declared by the Nigerian State through the unguided statement of Usman Alkali Baba, the Acting Inspector-General of the Nigerian Police Force, on the peaceful, innocent Biafran populace. This time around, these Fulanis being represented in and outside government, should note most assuredly, that there will be no surrender. It will be a fight that must be decisively driven to the end till the last man on the line. There is no amount or veracity of military prowess that would surmount the will of the indigenous land owners. There must be a total and unfettered emancipation. For decades of years, Biafrans have painfully been gruelling under the weight of economic strangulation and developmental exclusion. Biafraland has been skewed out of it's fruitfulness, rivers and seas have been made lifeless while the citizens have grossly been sentenced to the ruins of penury and shame. The people of the South-East region, are only demanding for their right to the preservation of their God-given heritage and nothing more. The Nigerian government should retrace from it's floated agenda of dehumanization, ethnic bigotry and bitter hatred. It should be clearly noted that the so-called unity of this contrapted slave abbatoir called Nigeria, can no longer hold. Never again will Biafrans sing the Lord's song in a strange land. These shackles of bondage, pain, darkness and colonial imposition must have to be forever, broken. Now is the set time!

Written by Anioke Chukwunonso

Edited by Peter Oshagwu
For Family Writers Press International

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