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US, UK, Canada, Give Their Citizens Travel Warnings On Nigeria ,Lagos on the watch list

 United States of America, United Kingdom, Canada, Give Their Citizens Travel Warnings On Nigeria Lagos,on watch list 'Canada, Australia...

 United States of America, United Kingdom, Canada, Give Their Citizens Travel Warnings On Nigeria Lagos,on watch list

'Canada, Australia, US, UK' give travel warning on Nigeria insecurity, place Lagos, former safe cities on watch list

United States of America, United Kingdom, Canada and Australia, have clearly sent travel warnings to their citizens as they equally advise nations across the globe to cut down on their citizens trips to locations/cities within Nigeria, with heightened security uncertainties.

These security alerts cum travel advices stem from the growing crime risks in the West African sub-regional country, Nigeria. There are presently, records of high level of crimes and insecurity across Nigeria.

On Thursday 29th April 2021, the United States Embassy in Lagos, released a compelling security notice to American citizens to be extremely careful pertaining the growing wave of insecurity in the city. The warning equally highlighted how armed robbers are carrying out their nefarious activities on the streets, roads and major prominent spots within famous commercial city.

In the same vein, Australia has issued out a warning to her citizens to stop forthwith, their travels to Nigeria. Any Australian already within the country, was further warned, to be mindful of his/her movements, no government assistance in times of any eventuality may be readily given.

Canada and the United Kingdom, have respectively released messages to caution their nationals who reside not just only in Lagos but also in other places like Akwa Ibom, Cross River, Delta and Bayelsa States. The inclusion of these places on the list of potentially insecure hotspots, came as a surprise to many because they have remained before now, relatively peaceful.

Normally, the issue of insecurity was limited to the Northern part of Nigeria like Borno, Adamawa States, etcetera, where Fulani Islamic militants have been engaged in series of terrorists' activities. These alerts have been confined to these dangerous locations alone.

Canada has listed Lagos, Calabar (Cross River State) and Abuja, Nigeria's capital city, as places where her citizens need to "exercise high degree of caution" because of the rising wave of crime and criminality. "Exercise high degree of caution". This is the second risk level out of four that Canada has so far issued. The fourth and highest reads "Avoid all travel".

Australia listed Bayelsa, Akwa Ibom, Cross River and Rivers States as potentially insecure places that her citizens should be conscious of. This listings, the country said, has locations with "very high risk of kidnapping, robbery and armed attacks".

The United Kingdom on her part, has sternly warned all resident British citizens in Nigeria, about the insecurity developments in and around Owerri (Imo State). This is one place where about one thousand, eight hundred (1,800) prison inmates recently escaped from the prison facility and are yet at large.

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