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Afenifere replies Buhari's 'dumb' comment, says he's surrounded by cIowns

 Afenifere replies Buhari's 'dumb' comment, says he's surrounded by cIowns Yoruba socio-political group, Afenifere, has reac...

 Afenifere replies Buhari's 'dumb' comment, says he's surrounded by cIowns

Yoruba socio-political group, Afenifere, has reacted to a recent statement by President Muhammadu Buhari where he referred to those agitating for restructuring as 'dumb' because according to him, they do not know what they are asking for.

However, in a statement by the Secretary General of Afenifere, Chief Sola Ebiseni, the Yoruba group said the President is surrounded by clowns who would do anything to keep their jobs instead of giving proper advice to the President for the overall good of the country.

Ebiseni noted that majority from all geopolitical zones of the country supported the call for the restructuring, but a handful of overzealous government appointees whose states contribute little to nothing to the national treasury, think they are more intelligent than the rest of the country.

“From what I read in the papers, the fellow to whom this statement is credited is one Executive Secretary, Revenue Mobilization, Allocation and Fiscal Commission, Alhaji Mohammed Bello Shehu, who presides over the sharing of the revenue of the federation to which his state probably contributes nothing. How else can he impress his principal than tell him what would soothe his sectional and sectarian ego? 

“The elected governors of the constituent states of the federation, the leaders of the entrenched federating ethnic nationalities, former leaders, presidents and knowledgeable personalities are all calling for the restructuring of the political architecture to reinvent the foundational federal principles of the polity and here you find an opportunistic official heading an office which had no place in a true federal state, talking down on the nation.

“It is my submission that the statement could not be the opinion of General Buhari, who is already seeking restructuring the current land use under the 1999 Constitution to reopen grazing routes under a law made pursuant to the 1963 constitution. 

“We are at a critical stage where children, particularly in states with the highest population of children out of school in the world, can no longer go to school at all for fear of being kidnapped for ransom.

“State governments are demanding the powers to establish State Police to deal with insecurity and prominent traditional rulers, especially emirs, have called on their people to rise in their own defence and some uninformed government officials are threatening us with war if we seek restructuring or self-determination. It is so nauseating. 

“In any event, restructuring of the political architecture of the country in the interest of the people, their security and general wellbeing is not going to be at the pleasure of the President or the whims and caprices of his uncouth officials,” the Afenifere secretary declared. 

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