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Biafra: How Nnamdi Kanu Passed One Of The Most Difficult Tests In Life — Sit At Home Order

 How Nnamdi Kanu Passed One Of The Most Difficult Tests In Life — Sit At Home Order Mazi Nnamdi Kanu Preamble It was not an easy test or exa...

 How Nnamdi Kanu Passed One Of The Most Difficult Tests In Life — Sit At Home Order

Mazi Nnamdi Kanu


It was not an easy test or exam. It is equally a risky one. Someone wrote or observed the following: “100% compliance...Nobody has ever done this in the history of mankind. What is in him is bigger than he is. Unbelievable! I told some Igbo Skeptics and Spoilers to wait until MAY 31. I simply told them that the outcome of May 31 will point to where the Biafran nation is heading to in the amidst of this ongoing  GENOCIDE, the slaughtering of IGBOS, both in the SOUTHEAST and in the MIDDLEBELT”.

Who will lead us?  I admired this observer or commentator and hope that Igbo Elites, Men of God, Priests (Catholics and Protestants), diplomats and philosophers, who hate and criticize MNK would stop a while and re-think and reassess their vision of  this “emerging leader” (MNK.)


Haters are embarrassed. Does the name MNK upset you? Does the name make you feel sad and depressed? From the other side of the coin, does the name in any way  increase your love for the Biafra nation, damn the consequences?  Or are you for  “One Nigeria” as the only way to calm the invaders and avoid the ongoing Jihad, genocide, pogrom, and every day massacre of innocent Biafrans?  Whichever way, as we have freedom of speech, if you feel angry with MNK and his IPOB, note it down that you have a problem. By this hour in Nigerian History, are you not convinced that the British creation called Nigeria had for long stopped functioning? Do you believe things can be patched up?  Surely the day it became clear that Nigeria’s sickness had become incurable was that particular day it became obvious that there was something wrong with the Nigerian leadership as the Fulani Cabal took over with the name the ‘PRESIDENCY’. And if you open your mouth; you perish. For the same reason MNK in PYTHON DANCE lost everything in life and only by a stroke of luck is he alive today.


 Trustworthy patriotic leaders could have for long taken a leaf from a young man called Nnamdi Kanu, who despite discouraging circumstances continues to fight for his own people, risking his life. He requested NIGERIANS AND AFRICANS to note that ONLY good leadership would guarantee the survival of any nation. MNK is the Moses leading the Biafrans out of Egypt, where they had been held in bondage for ages. What happened to that struggle to liberate the “Israelites” from bondage and establish freedom is all in History books for those who care to get proper information; and not lies and deceit.


It would not be easy for Moses of Biafra. But the young masses of the Biafran nation are behind their leader and are ever ready to obey his commands. They see all the leadership qualities in him. They stand up when commanded. They sit down and keep quiet as long as it was their only trustworthy leader on earth that gave the command.  He is already “His Excellency”. Meaning  what? “You can lead us as long as you want because you are the only one we trust who can make our nation great again. There is a lot of work to be done after gaining our freedom – Reconciliation, Reconstruction, and Rehabilitation. Our dead school system needs urgent rehabilitation. What of  jobs for the roaming youths, putting an end to all corrupt practices, robbery, and insecurity. MNK is seen as the only trustworthy leader who can raise an army of volunteers. It is under him that all Biafran Youth Corps must train as army reserves, as it is in Israel, in case of emergency!


Because MNK is a leader with a difference and knows Nigerians Biafrans well, he also uses the language they automatically understand. The language does not need any interpretation. It is clear, loud, bold, harsh, irritating but for his faithful followers this language is never insulting, abusive, deceptive, or arrogant. It is simply the language of the moment that the people understand quickly, wake up and begin to think. They swing into action.  It is prophetic, and a language that does not need to despise the elders or be misinterpreted or misunderstand. The language is not calm, diplomatic, ‘round table language’, because the enemy does not appreciate any soft-spoken address or speech. The enemy’s language always emphasizes conquer and occupy, kill, slash throats, destroy farms and kill farmers and destroy their villages, rape their women, and their daughters and slaughter them thereafter! Where do you organize the round-table conferences? In the bushes or at Ruga sites or Aso Rock?  


So, MNK has the right language and attitude when he addresses both the ignorant and the professional. His speeches will make little or no impact if he speaks softly and diplomatically! What honest Biafrans may NOT appreciate right now are the activities of the “UNKNOWN GUN MEN”. What is destroyed in Biafraland will cost a lot of money to rebuild in the end. Who takes the responsibility? We must think about tomorrow and what we have left for the younger ones   coming behind us. Outside that, we may not forget Shakespeare: “Cowards die many times before their death…….”. (You can google and complete the quote). My Dear Friend, Stop the hate and criticism! Support MNK and his patriotic and selfless Biafran security teams. You may ask yourself a simple rhetorical question: “What have I contributed to this struggle?”

By Nathaniel I. Ndiokwere

Published by Family Writers Press International 

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