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Nigeria: Twitter Ban And The Deadly Motive Behind The Creation Of "TribeNaija" Social Media App

Nigeria: Twitter Ban And The Deadly Motive Behind The Creation Of "TribeNaija" Social Media App  Nigeria: Twitter Ban And The Dead...

Nigeria: Twitter Ban And The Deadly Motive Behind The Creation Of "TribeNaija" Social Media App

 Nigeria: Twitter Ban And The Deadly Motive Behind The Creation Of "TribeNaija" Social Media App

TribeNaija is a newly built Nigeria-inclined Social Media Application (App) that was launched on Saturday 12th June 2021, being Nigeria's Democracy Day. While people were deeply involved with the celebration of the democracy day, the Nigerian government ingloriously busied itself with the digging of graves for the citizens. The App in question which is presently available for Google download via Playstore and IOS,  according to the government, is designed to rally all tribes in Nigeria together for continued existence. What a disgusting motive even in this 21st century! Definitely, when something is destined to happen, nothing prevents it. Everything unfolding in the country, points to the direction of definitive fulfillment.

It is well noted that Nigeria is steadily on a journey of no return. Things are really falling apart. It is glaringly clear that the same architects of misfortune bedeviling Nigeria, are the people craftily evangelizing for unity. This is the more reason why they are desperately giving lopesided support for continuity, thereby bringing everything to stagnancy.

The Nigerian government felt humiliated and embarrassed that the citizens, despite desperate efforts to outrightly  ban the social media blogging giant (twitter), are yet unpreventably, tweeting via the same platform. After the ban, the government resolved to launch an App which it can exclusively control at the detriment of the unsuspecting. With this child of circumstantial App called "TribeNaija", Nigerians are further caged for a second time running in the year just after the ill-conceived National Identification Number (NIN) project.

This App is designed to surreptitiously monitor the rightful activities of the innocent citizens. It is specifically floated in a well customized manner that is aimed at tracking and installing private datas of users for surveillance purposes. And one disappointing factor about our people, is their rejection of wise counsels. When the warning came about the so-called National Identification Number (NIN) registration, as a coded plan orchestrated for the extra-judicial killing of Southerners, they never believed. When the plot became eventually executed, it then dawned on everyone that the Nigerian government was up to strategic annihilation of the people. Citizens could feel somewhat relaxed in their homes but the Nigerian government remains adamantly out with dehumanizing agenda. Anyone marked as a threat to it's invented nefarious initiatives, would summarily get tracked down for elimination.

Quite contrary to the established standard of Facebook regarding posts, that of TribeNaija unilaterally compels users to be of One-Nigeria" ideology. Using TribeNaija App without supporting "One-Nigeria", results in courting their trouble of elimination. This is one of their many plots of enforcing their seemingly overdue social media law against "hate speech" and the primary target is the Southern part of the country. The Igbo (Biafran) and Yoruba agitators who remain defiant in their quests for freedom, will become irresistably cowed. These are the sets of people that are being targeted in the extermination policies tyrannically driven  at all cost through these inventions.

The outlined methods are being employed by the Nigerian government to further plunge the global community into darkness pertaining events happening in the country. With TribeNaija App under their firm control, the citizens' rights will be greatly curtailed. People can be blocked and deactivated at will. But it is foolhardy to think that everybody will support the obnoxious, crude and primitive policies in Nigeria. The category of people being targeted are those that were forcefully given the Nigerian citizenship (diaspora based agitators). Such were not born Nigerians and their parents were never Nigerians but were helplessly so christened. These are those lots that cannot speak honor in favor of Nigeria despite growing despicable atrocities that are being committed successively against the people. Nigeria, over the years, is a name associated with slavish chains, abuses of fundamental human rights, deaths and bitter bias against some tribes. This TribeNaija App must be clinically avoided because it is a death trap well placed in the hands of the government.

Written by Ifeanyi Chibueze James

Edited by Peter Oshagwu

For Family Writers Press International


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