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Opinion: South-East Governors Cannot Decide For Us

 Five South-East Governors Cannot Decide For Us It is not just laughable but gravely uncivilized for the governors of the South-East region ...

 Five South-East Governors Cannot Decide For Us

It is not just laughable but gravely uncivilized for the governors of the South-East region to jointly rise up without the consent of the citizens of their respective states, to issue a communique bordering on the lives of over seventy (70) million people. It is quite unfortunate that the laudable objectives and efforts of the operatives of the Eastern Security Network (ESN), aimed at ridding the land, of the murderous Fulani killer herdsmen, are never given any pinch of appreciation by these governors because of their crass egocentric interests. There exists various touchy issues that call for definitive attention of these South-Eastern governors that seem bluntly neglected. These stem from the incessant attacks on the indigenous land owners by the Fulani Islamic terrorists that ravage the land under the guise of cattle herding. They blatantly destroy farmlands, rape our women and kill at will. There is astronomic rise in unemployment and lack/poor infrastructural development within the region. It is rather very unfortunate that the only thing that awakens the despotic concern of these politicians, is the rightful agitation for self-determination by the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), an action legitimately recognized even by the United Nations.

The South-East governors' swiftness in issuing a communique disowning IPOB and ESN while shamelessly doing nothing to curtain and defeat the excesses of Fulani driven vampirism against our people even in the so-called democracy, calls for serious questions. Why do these governors fail even in their failures, to humbly pay heed to the outcry and demand of the overwhelming majority of the people instead of intimidating them to submission through executive fiat? It would have been expected that the recent military incursions in the region and the gruesome killing of the innocent, would have formed the basis of their discussion. It is disgusting to note that reverse was rather the case as no consideration was even minimally given in that direction. The ill-conceived declaration of the governors in their opposition to IPOB's led Biafra independence effort, simply serves as a notice of conflict with both the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) as a movement and the Eastern Security Network (ESN), hence the military's callous resumption of hostilities against the people in Orlu, Imo State, just few hours after the governors' public statement.

The undeniable reality still remains that these South-East governors cannot in anyway, unilaterally decide for the entire region without due consultation and harmony. They cannot speak on behalf of u the entire Igbo race without the input of the IPOB whose voice is loudest in the region. Any contrary position taken, amounts to futility and the consequences remain daring. Referendum cannot be wished away as that will form the basis of the people's definite statement via popular opinion on the matter. IPOB under the able leadership of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, has severally proven their capacity and capability in deciding how policies swing in the region with over ninety percent (90%) compliance by the people on issues of relevance in the Biafra restoration struggle. Their potency cannot in anyway, be ignored by anyone.

Biafrans' continued existence within the contrapted Nigeria, remains a pivotal consideration that must be accorded diligence through the instrumentality of a referendum. These political self-serving bigots must not be continually watched in their crave to perpetually cage and enslave their own people in their  servitude massage of the egos of their Fulani masters. The personnel of the Eastern Security Network (ESN), obligatorily remain in the bushes/forests in pursuit of their mandate against the Fulani terrorists while those whose primary duty it is to protect and defend their fellow citizens as constitutionally empowered, are busy demanding for military invasion against the people. Just hope that this fire they are working strenuously to enkindle, will be eventually put off when the time comes. Prophet Iginla initially alarmed, "Dialogue Now", but the government never listened. They have to live with the daring consequences of their neglect because IPOB is absolutely not ready, to concede any ground regarding Biafra referendum. That is the only best, acceptable and civilized way to go!

Written by Benpraise Loveson Agweye

Edited by Peter Oshagwu

For Family Writers Press International

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