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The Many Dangers Of Living In This Muhammadu Buhari's Governed Nigeria

 The Many Dangers Of Living In This Muhammadu Buhari's Governed Nigeria When I was being brought up in the Roman Catholic Church as a ch...

 The Many Dangers Of Living In This Muhammadu Buhari's Governed Nigeria

When I was being brought up in the Roman Catholic Church as a child, we would go for Block Rosary meetings and during prayers of the faithful, we usually prayed for peace in Russia, amongst other nations including Nigeria. Today, Russia is one of the most peaceful countries of the world. But Nigeria, from whence prayer went forth for Russia, now has become the most dangerous country to live in, most bloodletting and killing amongst the comity of nations. The present administration of President Mohammadu Buhari  has made Nigeria worst than the then Afghanistan, Russia and Somalia all put together.

Just like what Roman Catholic Reverend Father, Felix, wrote in 2018 and I quote:

"Nigerians are unsafe everywhere. He goes by air and it is a matter of life and death. At bus terminals, he is at the mercy of bomb explosions and hoodlums. His road is full of dangers- the gullies, the trigger-happy police constables, taskforces, kidnappers and armed robbers. By water, the avengers and pirates are on rampage. He treks, he runs into blood tasty herdsmen or Boko Haram insurgents".

"He rents a house in the urban area, the revenue collectors will not allow him to have peace. He opts to be indoors, he has no power supply. He goes outside to enjoy natural breeze, he is a guest to robbers and ritualists. He relocates to his village, witches and wizards call for his head. He runs to a church for help, he is either extorted or sexually abused".

As it still stands at present with the ruthless system of the current situation of the country, especially securitywise, things rather keep getting worse on daily bases. If you are in your house, either the police or the military will invade the house and burnt it down. If you are unfortunate that you get arrested, they will simply frame allegations on your head, not minding that you were found right in your own house. If you are seen by police on the road, you will either be tagged unknown gunman or personnel of Eastern Security Network (ESN). If you talk in anyway against the day's injustice, the government will call for your head. A week never passes by without the news of Fulani killer herdsmen ransacking a whole village and killing every living being they sight in it. Somalia has become a paradise compared to Nigeria, just as Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), said it would eventually be. We are only living on the mercy of God. That you are free now does not mean you will so be in the next minutes.

Muhammadu Buhari has reduced human lives to nothing in Nigeria. Fulani herdsmen have been empowered to take over almost all the villages in Nigeria. They kill human beings at will without being questioned. To live in hell is seemingly safer now than to live in the Nigeria of today. What an irony!

Written by Chidiebere Obulose

Edited by Ogah C.S. Maduabuchi

Family Writers Press International

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