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Abba Kyari: Nigeria is A Sovereign Nation, You Cannot Order For The Arrest of A Nigerian citizen -- Nigerian Police Tells FBI

 Nigeria is A Sovereign Nation, You Cannot Order For The Arrest of A Nigerian citizen --Nigerian Police Tells FBI DCP Abba Kyari: US Court c...

 Nigeria is A Sovereign Nation, You Cannot Order For The Arrest of A Nigerian citizen --Nigerian Police Tells FBI

DCP Abba Kyari: US Court can’t order arrest of a Non-Citizen resident in Nigeria — Police Commission

The aftermath of the order by a United States court to the FBI to arrest Nigerian Police Officer, DCP Abba Kyari in connection to a $1.1million fraud perpetrated by Fraudster, Abbass Ramon aka Hushpuppi, the Police Service Commission said on Saturday that It is strange that a US court could order the arrest of a non-citizen, a Nigerian citizen resident in Nigeria saying Nigeria is a sovereign nation with its laws and justice systems which should be respected.

The Commission also said it is not in possession of any report of any formal processes of Indictment or allegations against DCP Abba Kyari from either the FBI or the US court where Hushpuppi is being tried hence it cannot come up with a position on the matter.

Furthermore, the Commission called on the office of the Attorney General of the federation to intervene on the issue and guide it on what to do since the commission is the legal body empowered to discipline erring Police officers.

“We surely must be guided by our own Attorney General considering the global stance it is taking and the matter of the sovereignty of nation’s,” the commission said.

While noting that it will work in accordance with the law which established it and empowers it to carry out Disciplinary measures when it is notified officially about the matter, the commission said that a formal report must come from the appropriate quarters to the commission before anything is done.

The Commissioner in charge of Media on the board of the Police Service Commission, Mr Austin Braimoh said, “A formal report must come to the Commission from somewhere or someone. The PSC has no position on the allegations against DCP Abba Kyari for now. This is because there is no formal report before the Commission on the officer as we speak. All we hearing on this matter is from the media.

“We also heard that a United States Court either indicted or ordered his arrest. It sounds strange that a US court could order the arrest of a non-citizen, a Nigerian citizen resident in Nigeria. Nigeria is a sovereign nation with its laws and justice systems. We surely must be guided by our own attorney general.

“We have to be guided by our own justice systems and courts as well as internal investigations processes. We are not aware of any petition against the officer (DCP Abba Kyari) before the Police Service Commission. If the IGP has one, we believe that he will do justice to it and forward it to us for necessary action at the appropriate stage”.

Similarly, the PSC said it will conduct its own separate investigation into the allegation of bribe against DCP Abba Kyari by Hushpuppi

A source said the PSC’s decision to do a separate probe became necessary following suspicion that some persons within the Police force were not favourably disposed to DCP Kyari’s high profile status as a result of the many feats he has achieved in crime-busting investigations and arrests.

Recall that a statement on the IGP’s directive titled, ‘Alleged Indictment of DCP Abba Kyari: Inspector General of Police Orders A Review of the Information’, was signed by CP Frank Mba, Force Public Relations Officer.

It read, “Sequel to the receipt of allegation and indictment processes from the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) against one of the personnel of the Nigeria Police Force, DCP Abba Kyari, the Inspector General of Police IGP Usman Alkali Baba has ordered an internal review of the allegations.

“The Nigeria Police Force reaffirms its commitment to the pursuit of justice and the strengthening of its professional relationship with the FBI and other international partners.

“Further developments on this case will be communicated to members of the public accordingly”.

According to the source the PSC would carry out independent investigations irrespective of findings of the Police authorities on the bribe allegation against Kyari.

“Even though the IGP as the operational authority has the right to investigate any allegations against any of his officers, the final decision on punishment or discipline rests with the Police Service Commission.

“In this regard, the commission which has its own mechanisms for investigation would conduct its own probe concerning the alleged indictment before any final decision can be taken on the future of the officer.

“Yes, it is true that we will wait for the full report of the investigation and it will be treated officially by the commission in accordance with the law. The law has specific punishment for such offences if proven and they include dismissal, demotion, reduction in rank and suspension, as the case may be.

Usually, cases of alleged misdemeanour against Police officers or personnel are investigated by the Force Disciplinary Committee headed by the Deputy Inspector General of Police in charge of Administration who is the most senior DIG at Force headquarters.

However, after sitting and coming out with the findings of their investigation, the findings are sent to the PSC, whose own investigations department sits and vets, for final decision.

On many occasions, indicting conclusions reached by the Force Disciplinary Committee on Police officers conduct that recommended dismissal, demotion or suspension, have been overruled by the Police Service Commission in the past.

The United States Department of Justice had said ongoing investigations showed that Hushpuppi allegedly bribed Kyari to arrest one Kelly Chibuzo Vincent, one of his accomplices in Nigeria.

According to documents released by the United States Department of Justice on Wednesday, titled: ‘Six Indicted in International Scheme to Defraud Qatari School Founder and then Launder over $1 Million in Illicit Proceeds’, Abba Kyari was alleged to have been bribed to arrest one Kelly Chibuzor Vincent, 40, in Nigeria, who created bogus documents and arranged for the creation of a fake bank website and phone banking line to support the defrauding of a business person trying to provide $1.1m for.

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