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Elevation Of Uncultured Politicians To Public Offices, Bane Of Capacity Building in Nigeria

Elevation Of Uncultured Politicians To Public Offices, Bane Of Capacity Building in Nigeria Madness has no caution earnestly!  The Nigerian ...

Elevation Of Uncultured Politicians To Public Offices, Bane Of Capacity Building in Nigeria

Madness has no caution earnestly! 
The Nigerian government has been a kind of water birth of riddled in ignorance and arrogance. From the presidency down to the office of the President of the country, there has been a hint of dumbing down the masses, starting with a fragile President with poor education down to quota generals and lawyers. The country has shown so much uncultured attributes than mad men. It is agreed that there has been rudderlessness since the inception of an administration that took good nine months to constitute a government, ministers and parastatals. Then came the description of Germany as West Germany, the 95% versus 5% development strategy for different sections. One cannot but expect the President or the presidency to give what it has not, in terms where an uneducated President will be less likely to exhibit an educated behaviour like, uniting every citizen, stoppage of unguarded utterances, cautioning the Attorney General and the code of conduct Chief. And if nepotism was engendered in their appointment, how can he willfully sack an Al-Qaeda apologist he follows for spiritual guidance? Accepting Buhari and the precidency today is tantamount to accepting knowledge bereft leadership and order. He has turned the rules, disobeyed court orders and so on, while the masses involuntarily weaken their brain and conscience to accept decisions not supported by morality, truth, scientific or any other civilized evidence.

While most Nigerians will say no one hates Igbos in Nigeria, they will tell and accept that genocide, lack of opportuinity, accusations and wanton imprisonments have ever been meted out to them uproportionately. Nigerians have therefore involuntarily, that is without any provocation, towed the line of hate from the presidency against the Igbos, with the exception of a few who condemned the President while still standing by him in other mean instances. Some months ago, it was Muhammadu Buhari with his utterances and uncivic comments about the Eastern part of Nigeria. While speaking on IPOB agitation for referendum and the Igbos, he stated that he will talk to them in the language they understand while referring them to the brutal genocide during the war. He went on to call them a dot in a circle, who have no escape route as he claimed that the South-South region has denied having anything to do with them. But the claim on South-South denial of the Igbos was refuted by the South-South elders, who said that they have never spoken with the President on such an issue as claimed.

Nevertheless, the most disturbing has been that of the Minister of information, Alhaji Lia Muhammed, who has been speaking uncontrollably even when he seems to be going off the context.
According to a twitter influencer, with the handle @ayemojubar,  "Lai Mohammed is the most uninformed and uncultured Minister of Information and Culture on planet earth."

Going through the utterances of the minister, you can attest and concur with the writer. I have never heard him speak, with that; being bossy, bigoted, nepotistic or partisan in all his interviews and speeches going back to his days in the opposition reeks of insecurity, arrogance and ignorance of other peoples sensitivities.

After twitter took down Nigerian President's tweet on the talking to IPOB and Igbos in the language they quite understand. It violated their rules on hate and genocidal speech referenced to the 1967-1970 civil war where Nigeria in collaboration with Britain and other world powers as of then, murdered over five million Biafrans. The minister added that the "Separatists used Twitter to burn police stations, INEC offices in Nigeria" But does that mean that twitter is now likened to a missile?

Later, when the Nigerian government discovered that people use VPN to tweet, Lai Mohammed came up again to voice out that "VPN exposes your bank accounts and entire data". And I keep asking, what has VPN got to do with bank accounts? Did he think it is BVN which has people's bank account details? Ignorance is truly a desease and the ignorant should not be in government lest they infect others.

Written by Onyemachi Gabriel

Edited by Emmanuel Iwuchukwu

For Family Writers Press International

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