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I am in Orlu , I stand a better chance to tell you the atrocities of Nigeria Security operatives here--Facebook User

I am in Orlu and I stand a better chance to tell you the atrocities of Nigeria Security operatives here A Facebook user who resides in Orlu ...

I am in Orlu and I stand a better chance to tell you the atrocities of Nigeria Security operatives here

A Facebook user who resides in Orlu and witnessed the carnage of Nigeria military against the poor innocent masses has took to his Facebook page to pour his anger on some few individuals who got no knowledge of the crime the Nigeria military is committing in Orlu .
The Facebook user angrily blasts the acclaimed Igbo intellectuals for buying into the deceits of Nigeria security operatives without thoroughly investigating their claims.
The Face book user wrote

“I am restraining myself from hauling insult at all of you who barely knows what the situation is like. We at Orlu are the direct recipients of the barbarism going on presently in ala Igbo. You know why? All you lots are writing is merely based on hearsay. Even those in Owerri can't tell the true story as it truly is.
I am here in Orlu! Not just in Orlu, I am at the center of it all, the raging gunshots and the pulled up bodies of our young men and the labelling of the innocent as ESN. The burning of properties and turning around to video it as if they arrived at the seen on rescue mission. These and more are the reality on ground! The Army are the ones kidnapping, killing and burning properties randomly and here you are dancing to their well ochestrated set up yapping senselessly eloquently about something you are bereft of the reality on ground.

They will commit the crime and still video it like they arrived for rescue mission for media sensationalism and it is perfectly working by the way most of you acclaimed intellectuals are mast.urba.t. ing the whole space trying to outdo yourself in who will condemn IPOB the most. Pity.
Only if I were to be MNK, I will drop this agitation like it is hot. I hate the fact that he is incarcerated for such a selfish people as many of you.
You don't want to loose a penny but you want to pick a bag of money. You don't want to sit at home, or participate in any form of civil protest or disobedience but you want and crave for FREEDOM? In the words of 2Face Idibia he sang and said NO BODY WANTS TO DIE, BUT THEY WANT TO GO TO HEAVEN. How possible do you think that can be?

Sadly, only those of us here trapped in or have pertinent reason to remain in Orlu that can tell the true story of what is happening and then juxtapose it with the replication by burning of buses in Mbaise and tagging IPOB to be culpable. Only if you are here. You would weep at the level of wickedness being carried out here and they are going Scot free. Instead of them to be called out for accountability, you are emboldening them by buying into their media plot of painting IPOB as the culprit. If I may ask, how many people have you tried to reach out to in Orlu and it's environs for you to get what the true situation is like?

Same thing happened at Gradziella Junction and also in the Gradziella hotel at IRETE, outskirt of Owerri on Sunday cum Monday earliest morning.
Army officers came in several vehicles, no violent prior to that and no reason whatsoever, they began arresting or should I say kidnapping indiscriminately, young people who were having a good time at the said hotel and also some persons within the area. Was that IPOB too?

As we are busy wagging our tails analysing how IPOB is harming the Igbo people she claims to protect bear in mind that Fulani Herdsmen have arrived Ebonyi State for their Jihad! Soon we will be hearing the scores. They have attacked Enugu villages about 4 times in less than 2 months killings hundreds of Umu Igbo and non of you Igbo lovers said anything about the invasion. Even a pregnant woman was butchered and the baby in her womb ripped out and diced. I didn't hear your grammars. Where were you lot?

Bear in mind that this was something that never happened while Mazi Nnamdi Kanu walked free, until our elites in connivance with many of you lots speaking through your noses the incomprehensible combustible innuendos, trying to sound unintelligently intelligent, saw to it that he was nabbed and incarcerated. As you are encouraged by me to continue in your wild goose chase of intellectualism, I want you to bear in mind that before your very eyes and mine Ala Igbo will be overrun.
Mark my words! Unless we think retrospectively preservatively refusing to sound woke, but rather see these as them versus us and act accordingly.
It is not yet Uhuru!
This me live and direct in Orlu not them say.

By Agu Chidera”

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