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Killing Of Security Operatives In The South-East Is A Political Orchestrated ploy by Govt to dent The reputation of IPOB

 Killing Of Security Operatives In The South-East Is A Political Orchestrated ploy by Govt to dent The reputation of IPOB The Fulanis Nigeri...

 Killing Of Security Operatives In The South-East Is A Political Orchestrated ploy by Govt to dent The reputation of IPOB

The Fulanis Nigeria government have created a diversion through the Nigerian corrupt media to disseminate troubling alarms and narratives that officers of the Nigerian police and military are being killed in the South East by the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) a narrative played out in order to subdue and conquer the indigenous civilian population of the Biafran region. 

The constant  massacre of the Nigerian Police outfit in the South Eastern part of Nigeria by a sect tagged "Unknown Gunmen" by the Nigerian media, is one terror arm of the Buhari Presidency. This terror sect called the "Unknown Gunmen", is one of the well marshaled plans by the Political leadership of Nigeria to create unrest within the relatively peaceful, law-abiding communities in Biafraland, all in a mad bid to tag the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), an unlawful group. 

Furthermore, This assertion that armed civilians are burning police stations is a blatant lie, just as the world now recognizes that the farmers/herders clashes, which were the narratives peddled by the Nigerian government through her corrupt and grossly compromised media, were lopsided reportage scripted to keep the international community away from learning the truth about state-sponsored ethnic cleansing in Nigeria's northern region, driven by the Fulani terrorists of conquest. To further fool the world, they additionally developed a force of armed herders known as "bandits". 

The Nigerian police and military have been completely destroyed by these state-sponsored terrorists and the government of the day has failed in its responsibility, to prosecute the perpetrators to the full extent of the law. These terrorists are fully backed by the political structure of the Buhari administration. The recruitment of Boko Haram terrorists into the Nigerian military is one act of Buhari defense mechanism of terrorism.

Fulani terrorists have wiped out virtually all military formations in Northern Nigeria in a brutal and gruesome manner. The Nigerian government sees nothing wrong with this because the terrorists are their foot soldiers, who are being armed by the Nigerian government on regular basis. These terrorists have infiltrated the southern part of Nigeria, particularly  the South-East region (Biafraland), to dismantle all police formations through the creation of the "Unknown Gunmen". In like manner, the operations of the Fulani terrorists in the North, have coincided with that of the "Unknown Gunmen", who have consistently destroyed and killed innocent men and women of the Nigerian police, while sending Boko Haram members into the military, to kill and subject innocent civilians in the peaceful South Eastern part of Nigeria to fear and acrimony

The Fulanis, which are a minority but has the support of the British government, are tasked with overrunning and occupying Nigeria. They come to the media to tell us how many police and military men that were being killed in the South while the assailants are left to walk freely, causing unpronounced mayhem against the same security operatives even in the North. These wanton killings of the personnel of the Nigerian police and the military has been a norm in the Northern part of Nigeria and instead of the government to prosecute them, they willingfully reward them with cash gifts as ransom, to aid their subsequent acquisition of arms.

Men and women of conscience must know that since the people of the South-East region became aware that the Fulani masked men (terrorists) operating as "Unknown Gunmen" are state-sponsored killers, their actions  have drastically reduced if not entirely stopped. The claim that the "Unknown Gunmen" were indigenous to the South is entirely false just like the over published so-called farmers/herders clashes, which were totally Fulani engineered. The Nigerian government is a supporter of active terrorism and the world needs to come to terms with this glaring reality.

Written by Anioke Chukwunonso

Edited by Domendu Emilia

For Family Writers Press International

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