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Say No To Election In Biafraland

 Say No To Election In Biafraland Governor Hope Uzodimma of Imo State, has broken away from the seventeen (17) Southern States Governors'...

 Say No To Election In Biafraland

Governor Hope Uzodimma of Imo State, has broken away from the seventeen (17) Southern States Governors' Agreement on the unanimous ban on Open Grazing. The Southern Governors, weeks ago, had resolved to reactivate the enacted anti-open grazing bill of 1966. However, the question now is, why should a supposed responsible man back out of an agreement that is for the good of his own people? An agreement that is in line with global best practices.

Governor Hope Uzodimma undoubtedly, is a product of the Northern political process. He has a mandate, a well drafted timetable of "doing the list", before the expiration of his tenure. He is only there at Ikonso House in Owerri, to do the bidding of those of his Fulani masters that installed him. Recount that he was never elected into office. He never emerged as the people's choice  but through the instrumentality of weird court pronouncement.

The memorandum of understanding he agreed and signed to implement for Myetti Allah, is the reason why Imo people are suffering till date since his administration began. It is really baffling to note that he has Imo sons and daughters in the State House of Assembly that are equally blinded. He has pointedly stated that there exists no anti-grazing law in the state and that Imolites have so far, enjoyed their relationship with the Fulanis. This statement is most unfortunate and annoying. It is a blatant lie told against the people who have been gravely paralyzed by fear due to the militarization of their state. These servicemen abduct, enslave and kill at will, with the mayhem widely made known to the global community.

Thanks to Chukwuokike  Abiama (God Almighty), for the United States Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) which issued a warrant of arrest that led to the suspension of the embattled super killer cop, Abba Kyari and his team. Everything in life definitely has consequences. For Imo citizens' failure to reject the Supreme Court's imposition of this Fulani stooge of a governor, they have  ultimately willed death as a collective price for cowardice. The best choice would have been to protest in rejection of the Supreme Court maneuver of their choice candidate and damn the consequences.

It is still morning and we must rise up to firmly support that there will be "NO ELECTION IN BIAFRALAND".  The terrorist in power at the centre, will only be replicating what they did with Hope Uzodimma across the states, thereby aiding their easy CONQUEST of the people. This agenda must be strongly resisted.

There is NO MORE ELECTION IN BIAFRALAND UNTIL BIAFRA IS RESTORED. Biafrans should say No Too Election because they will yet use it as a vehicle to illegally force their stooges through. They do not really and will never care about the people and their wellbeing.

Why will Hope Uzodimma donate 450 plots of land to the Fulanis in Prime Emekukwu for grazing when the people disagreed? The idea of moving against the wishes of Imo citizens and the South-East Governors stand with impunity therefore, is a clear signature for more policies being craftily enacted. They facilitate the fulanisation/Islamisation agenda against our people as being witnessed in other climes.

It is even more annoying that Hope Uzodimma has bragged that he invited the terrorist army that disguised as Nigeria military, to come and kill Imolites and turn South-East region into a war zone. They terrorized, sacked villages, looted markets and killed the innocent accused of violating checkpoint rules, etcetera. Biafrans have a part to play for our FREEDOM. Freedom from marginalization, oppression, slavery and islamisation. We need freedom from incessant rape, freedom from fear and freedom to live and enjoy quality living. For over fifty years of quasi democracy, voting, referendum, elite consensus, etcetera, Nigeria and Igboland have particularly, remained in abject poverty and squalor. 

Public institutions and properties handed over to the government to secure for the people are being desecrated, misused, looted, mismanaged and wasted. They are being turned into avenues for oppression. Places given to the Fulanis, were increased ten fold in years as they systematically encroached into neighboring lands and vicinities, from  where they unleash terror and other vices on the indigenes since voting gives them the mandate to serve the interest of the caliphate. It is time to activate the people's power and reject sham elections in our land. The success of reclaiming power lies in our collective action against this few highly placed individuals who take for granted, our resolve. Say no to them and their cohorts for they obviously have displayed time after time that our immediate interests are at the mercy of their overlords, who have vowed to kill and destroy us via any means possible, including elections.

Written by Vivian Ezihie

Edited by Emma Iwu 

Family Writers Press International.


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