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Buhari's Somersaulting Diplomatic Maneuvers From Kabul To Abuja

 Buhari's Somersaulting Diplomatic Maneuvers From Kabul To Abuja                                   There is this creepy feeling the peo...

 Buhari's Somersaulting Diplomatic Maneuvers From Kabul To Abuja



There is this creepy feeling the people in Nigeria must get from reading the recent Buhari’s mealy mouthed advice on how to win the global fight against terrorism – published in the British Newspaper, Financial Times. It is an uneasy feeling that is similar to listening to a serial child abuser or a pedophile, offering solutions on how to protect children. One is left asking why the President of Nigeria did not see his citizens as his appropriate audience, since they face daily terrorist attacks, while boasting of second most terrorized country after Afghanistan. 

The social media’s clear parallel between the Taliban takeover and the Fulani jihadi-inspired gruesome murders in Nigeria, has clearly forced Buhari’s regime into a panicky mode. Fearing a backlash, his presidency quickly released platitudes. Only last week, the presidency warned in the United Kingdom based Financial Times, that the global fight against terrorism is not over yet while the United States of America has pulled out from Afghanistan. It added that the war on terror is shifting to Africa and so, requires more of investments than military solutions. Literally pleading with the westerners to pay and fight for you, while he daily fans the flames of terror, finances and releases deadly terror suspects unconditionally. 

It is a bit curious that this Buhari regime specifically chooses to publish its opinion in the British Financial Times, a Newspaper read by the British and other westerners, John Campbell (the former US ambassador to Nigeria), pointedly confirms that the choice of Financial Times shows that ‘‘his audience is international rather than domestic.’’ This move reveals yet again, how devious this jihadist-controlled regime can really be. The Afghan fiasco has panicked the presidency into repositioning itself globally as one of the determined champions of the fight against terrorism. By writing vaguely about global war on terror, the government has cunningly diverted attention away from the scourge of Islamic terrorists within Nigerian enclave.

People who have lost their loved ones, maimed gruesomely or suffered from kidnappings due to the spate of insecurity engulfing the country, must be reeling from this two-faced, lying and pretentious regime. This presidency has awkwardly turned a blind eye to the Fulani Islamists terrorising its veritable backyard for over a decade now. On account of its religious bigotry, the Nigerian government would not dare to touch on the heinous crimes of Boko Haram and Miyetti Allah, whose activities position Nigeria as the third (3rd), on the global terrorism index. The gap between what Buhari says and what he actually does, is clearly proven and that is that the Fulani Islamists’ terror activities have grown exponentially under his regime. 

Written by G. E. Anukwe

Edited by Emmanuel Iwuchukwu

For Family Writers Press International

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