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Independence Means Independence: Ambazonians Set To Celebrate Their National Independence

 Independence Means Independence: Ambazonians Set To Celebrate Their National Independence Fellow Ambazonians Last night l chaired a 4 hours...

 Independence Means Independence: Ambazonians Set To Celebrate Their National Independence

Fellow Ambazonians

Last night l chaired a 4 hours meeting bringing together all AGOVC Missions across the globe, including the executive departments to assess our ongoing preparation towards celebrating our independence day. The US Mission is organising a public event in Washington DC that should bring together all Ambazonians. Johannesburg will be having a public march pass while Capetown will do a public event ending with a gala night. 

The UK will be having a March on No. 10, Norway will rally the kids and also present a letter to the Norwegian foreign ministry. Belgium started its preparation yesterday and will continue on the 1st October, while Germany will be announcing its activities soon. Our small Mission in Israel will also be doing a symbolic celebration, China plans a public event and Canada will participate in a joint Ambazonia event being organised by the Toronto based Ambazonia group. Our Biafran friends will be joining us across different countries.

The War Council briefed the joint meeting on GZ preparedness which will revolve around the projection of strength and showcasing fledging Ambazonian institutions. On October 1, the Ambazonia Defence Forces will unveil 3 new Brigades critical for consolidation and stabilisation.You cannot declare independence and still depend on institutions of occupation.

We also discussed the ridiculous lockdown announced by the Maryland impostors. Independence days are used by all countries to showcase their power, culture and celebrate the lives of those who have paid the ultimate sacrifice. It is a day that we also showcase our strength,  gains and plans. The impostors have been hiding behind the daring of different small blocks. They know October 1 exposes their weaknesses. The best exit is to hide behind a lockdown. We call on Ambazonians to stop being willing accomplices to their desperation.

Following the sentencing to death by an enemy hang court masquerading itself in Ambazonia as an institution of Justice, the necessity for an indigenous Ambazonia system of Justice dispenser is critical.  Soon, we should setup Community Justice institutions to help resolve civil and criminal conflict issues.

Our people must refer all cases of dispute to existing Community institutions or new  ones to be setup. All Ambazonia lawyers and judges serving the colonial hang courts must ceased with immediate effect. Our lawyers should setup an exclusive Ambazonia Bar Council and use it judiciously to serve our people.

All institutions enabling Camerouns colonialism must be destroyed. All their courts, so-called Government schools and any other institution serving the interest of the colonial state must cease to exist in Ambazonia. Independence means Independence. Once declared it must be defended.

We will also henceforth arrest and put their own citizens on trial and keep them in custody for exchange purposes.

Our people must avoid driving buses into Cameroun. Prioritise Ambazonian roads. Drivers should drop off passengers at the Matazim and Mungo.and allow Cameroun transport agencies to complete the journey. We must take a radical stance on key issues if we must end Camerouns rule in our land.

Fellow Ambazonians,

Independence means Independence. We cannot depend on colonial education. All Community schools must operate strictly under Ambazonia control. All LRC registered schools are banned. All other schools must adopt Community status and receive permission on condition that No LRC anthem, flag, history text books, participation in 11 February and 20 May, and no uniforms except that prescribed by the Ambazonia Education Board.

On September 30, the boarders between Cameroun and Ambazonia are closed. No vehicles shall be allowed between the two countries. Any vehicle violating this order will be considered a military asset and appropriate actions taken. Our people should come out in their numbers  to celebrate their independence day.

Ambazonia is Free. Cameroun is vanquished. Defend your country from the desperation of alien rule.

Dr Cho Ayaba,

Leader of Ambazonia liberation,

Ambazonia Governing Council (AGovC)

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