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Nigeria: Elections Are Not Beneficial To Biafrans--Report

 Nigeria: Elections Are Not Beneficial To Biafrans Election simply put, is a formal and legal group decision making process in a given democ...

 Nigeria: Elections Are Not Beneficial To Biafrans

Election simply put, is a formal and legal group decision making process in a given democratic setting. It is a process by which the people of a country, State or even a group, choose their representatives. It has been the usual mechanism by which modern representative democracy has operated and any society that does not select it’s leadership through this means, has invariably introduced autocracy and by extension, a dictatorial/demonic regime.

While sane nations use this period to discover leaders that have the capabiliy and capacity of solving their problems, in Nigeria, election is associated with killing and wasting of lives and properties. It is a time of revenge for perceived wrong done to someone in an opposition party, ethnicity or religion. It is a time to choose another set of criminals who will subjugate the people to slavery. It is a time touts are being recruited to intimidate rivalries. It is a time political misfits residing in Abuja, do remember that they have some people living in the village but after the exercise, such will go back to live in affluence in the federal capital city, abandoning the people to their fate while waiting for next election. 

What really could be the purpose of holding an election?

* Accountability of The Government

Election serves as the means of checking the progress of people’s representatives in government. When the people’s aspirations are not reflected in government policies and programmes, then they can change that particular representative in the next election.

*Legitimacy Of Government

Legitimacy of government means that the elected representative has the right of exercising political powers on behalf of the electorates.

*Political Participation

Due to the elections, people can fully participate as voters and as well as office seekers.

*Communication Link

An election serves as the communication link between the government and the citizens of a particular country or organization.

*Political Education

Election raises political awareness among the citizens of a country. It also raises consciousness in the minds of the people (citizens).

*Smooth Leadership Succession

Elections are held in order to provide smooth leadership succession by voting.

So, it can be concluded that the main purpose of an election, is to choose a good representative, government and thereby, propelling policies which the citizens of that country, State or institution, direly need. But is it the same in Nigeria? 

The answer is NO! What we see is disappointedly the opposite. We elect them, they kill us and tag us miscreants and terrorists for exercising our fundamental rights to effect changes on disadvantageous policies and programs. We elect them and they forget us till the next election. We elect them and they care less about us especially when we need their assistance. We have had enough from these political vampires. We have suffered enough of subjugation and humiliation from these political prostitutes.

It is time we call time to call a spade, a spade. It is time we use our tongues to count our teeth. It is time we check and balance our gains in the electoral processes of Nigeria and proactively float an alternative means of doing things.

The only way to change these political hooligans holding us to ransome, is by boycotting all elections in the country. As Anambra State gubernatorial election fixed for 6th of November 2021, fastly approaches, let us say NO to it, through our boycott. This is the only legitimate way of registering our seriousness against their deception and lies.

Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, the leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), is yet in the dungeon of the Department of Security Services (DSS) in Abuja. Funlani herdsman are killing and raping our mothers and sisters, yet we have political leaders who do not know that we exist but only remember us during elections.

It is time to let them know that they may have the pen, but we have the koboko (whip).

Biafrans, let us in one accord, totally boycott the forthcoming Anambra election and drive home our grievances with clarity.

Written by Chidiebere Obulose

Edited by Chukwuemeka Okechukwu

For Family Writers Press International

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