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Nigeria's Independence Anniversary Is Now Outlawed In Biafraland

 Nigeria's Independence Anniversary Is Now Outlawed In Biafraland The banning of Nigerian flag flying and the Sit-At-Home order billed f...

 Nigeria's Independence Anniversary Is Now Outlawed In Biafraland

The banning of Nigerian flag flying and the Sit-At-Home order billed for Friday 1st October 2021, across Biafraland, as Nigeria celebrates her independence, is really long overdue. It defies every reason that Biafrans yet use Nigeria flag and celebrate the fake, packaged-for-television and unmerited independence anniversary. 

The next line of action should be banning the singing of Nigeria’s National Anthem and recitation of the Pledge in schools and public facilities within Biafraland. With this singular action being courageously floated, the Head of Directorate of State (HOD) of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), Mazi Chika Edoziem, has proven that officials are absolutely leaving no stone unturned, as they have continued to lead the IPOB family, in the absence of our leader, Onyendu Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, on this God ordained project of Biafra restoration.

We are Biafrans and should strive for our own freedom. It is only when this is achieved that we can hoist our flag high on top of mountains and skyscrapers, to celebrate the independence of our nation, Biafra, where one's right to life is esteemed and respected. Where laws are made and obeyed. Where nobody is above the law. Where personnel of the security forces are truly friends of the people, not oppressors and killers. A nation where our army will not dehumanize anyone and our police will never rape any female student. A nation where an impostor and tyrant will never lead the people and our economy will be amongst the best across nations of the universe. A nation where Fulani Isamic killers christened bandits, will be shown their exit routes or better still, be used to feed the vultures.

Going down history lane, the incomplete decolonization handed down to the indigenous people in the form of quasi-independence, from 1960 till date, is the reason why Nigeria has never progressed. It was founded on faulty lines. The British deliberately made it so in order to have access to the enormous natural resources available. The yoking together of people with different ancestry and culture was intentional. This was meant to guarantee perpetual divide and rule. 

A common British strategy! What is worse? That Nigeria is enormously endowed but yet borrows indiscriminately or that the resources are exported at next to no cost and imported at an exorbitant price. Infact, Nigeria, due to her indebtedness to China, under this Buhari administration, cannot finish paying the colossal debt owed in the next twenty (20) years. That is why China is doing its utmost best to establish one of its banks in Nigeria. China is now Africa's new colonial master and Nigeria, under Fulani control, is the enabler.

Nigeria's population is rapidly growing. If from the year 1960 till now, the country has not been able to build her economy and take care of her internal and external issues through her income generation when the population is yet manageable, what hope do One-Nigerianists have that the country will be better in years to come when the population would have grown to three hundred million (300,000,000+) and above? Definitely no hope?

Nigeria is riddled with hopelessness and needs to be trashed. Empty the bin and move on with your lives. It is an entity that has never helped anybody but always birthing servitude and death. No need to pretend. You have to trash Nigeria before it trashes you. You may sleep one day only to wake up and find yourself facing judgement before God. You will ask God, “what am I doing here?” God will tell you to recall when a group of Nigerian security forces stormed your house and you will say ''Yes''. Only then will you remember that you were shot in the head. Think about it! Nigeria's problems are fundamental and until such is uprooted via disintegration, it can never be amended. The time is now to dissolve Nigeria through a referendum. It is a fraud which no sane being should associate with.

Written by Ifeanyi Chibueze James

Edited by Chibueze Daniel

For Family Writers Press International.


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