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Security Agencies Should Stop Genocidal Killings Of Biafra Youths After Tagging Them IPOB, ESN Operatives – IPOB

 Security Agencies Should Stop Genocidal Killings Of Biafra Youths After Tagging Them IPOB, ESN Operatives – IPOB IPOB PRESS RELEASE 20/09/2...

 Security Agencies Should Stop Genocidal Killings Of Biafra Youths After Tagging Them IPOB, ESN Operatives – IPOB


Following the incessant kidnappings, harassment, arrests, and indiscriminate killings of Biafrans in recent times, we the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) ably led by our liberator and indefatigable leader, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, wish to warn Fulani-dominated Nigeria security agencies operating in Biafra land to desist from provocative killings of innocent Biafran youths whom they tag operatives of the Eastern Security Network, ESN, and IPOB volunteers.

Several innocent Biafrans especially our youths have lost their lives in the hands of these mindless and compromised Nigeria security agents in Biafra land all because our political leaders and Ohaneze Ndigbo in their quest for personal political gains betrayed us before the Fulani controlled federal government. Imo and Ebonyi States commissioners of police must stop parading and killing of innocent youths of the two states as ESN and IPOB volunteers because we are not looking for any of them, since the formation of the ESN outfit on December 12 last year police and army could only kill Ikonso because his village people set him up because, for envy and jealousy, no other person in the outfit was killed. 

We are therefore, warning those behind this barbarity to leave our land and entrust the security of our land in the hands of IPOB volunteers and ESN security outfit. Our patriotic volunteers are not compromised but ever ready to defend our people against Fulani invaders. Again, we strongly condemn the continued parading of youths in Biafra land by security agencies labelling them as IPOB and ESN commanders. There was No ESN operatives or IPOB volunteers caught in Imo State and Ebonyi State. The police must stop dishing out falsehood to the public to attract praises from gullible Nigerians.

Our people should stop helping Fulani dominated security agencies to demonizing IPOB volunteers and ESN operatives because they are only group capable to secure and protect our people in Biafraland, those attacking electioneering campaigns ground Enugu state are not ESN or IPOB they are those who want to demonise ESN operatives and IPOB volunteers. We discovered that those attacked campaigns ground were hired Fulani terrorist herdsmen disguised as IPOB volunteers and ESN operatives, we are not politicians, we are freedom fighters.


We have not change our resolve towards the suspension of Monday sit at home order and it must remain so because the highest body of this group is not interested again and if you believe in Nnamdi Kanu and IPOB suffering since the beginning of this struggle you must obey the order and rules coming from them, we did not stop sit at home order because of monitery gain instead we are on the order and directive of our leader Mazi Nnamdi Kanu who is suffering for us. And anybody enforcing sit-at-home orders on Mondays is not an IPOB member he/she won't believe in Nnamdi Kanu ideology and IPOB philosophy of this worldwide movement.

Sit at home Monday has been suspended a long time ago if you are sitting at home on Mondays you are doing so at your own decision, not for IPOB and we are asking every village vigilante, market vigilante, and church securities to prepare and confront anybody enforcing sit at home on Mondays with ESN and IPOB names, ESN will support them and anybody who wants to stay at home is free but stop using IPOB or ESN name and nobody should force anybody to sit at home with IPOB or ESN name.

We have no hand chasing those doing campaigns in Enugu State it is not our mandate to attack security personnel or persons doing campaigns, we are not politicians, politicians should look around and check their political opponents and stop mentioning ESN in their woes, ESN is not involved in such barbaric action. 

Security agencies should stop demonising IPOB and ESN. We are not criminals as they want to portray us. We have equally not taken up arms against the state. We are only agitating for the freedom of Biafra. The double faced security agencies arrest and free Fulani bandits and terrorists but kill off Biafrans after paradibg them as criminals. This injustice must stop. How come everybody is keeping mute over this secret genocide against Biafra youths? 

The political elite won't see anything wrong with this atrocity because of 2023. Hundreds of Biafra youths are being wasted daily by security operatives after labelling them ESN and IPOB members. IPOB is registered in over 100 countries and they know us as freedom fighters. How come in Nigeria, the same IPOB is a death tag? This must stop!


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