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Catholic Bishops And Their Looting Igbo Governors Friends

 Catholic Bishops And Their Looting Igbo Governors Friends  Are you aware that the governors of the five predominantly Igbo States of Anambr...

 Catholic Bishops And Their Looting Igbo Governors Friends 

Are you aware that the governors of the five predominantly Igbo States of Anambra, Abia, Enugu, Ebonyi and Imo, are devout Catholics, with the exception of the governor of Abia State who identifies as a Seventh Day Adventist? These governors, including STONEHEAD Uzodinma, are very close friends of the Catholic bishops of their respective States and speak with them on regular basis. A sane person would then ask, but why are these governors not performing?

Even the former governor of Abia State, Theodore Orji, is a Catholic faithful and a former schoolmate and a close friend of the Catholic bishop of Umuahia Diocese, Lucious Iwejuru Ugoorji.  Their close friendship is one of the most shocking details of Iwejuru's Episcopal functions in view of a governorship inherently inhumane antecedents who was solely concerned with looting the entire treasury of Abia State. 

But here is the bombshell: every one of these governors donate huge amounts of money to these dioceses, not to mention huge personal monetary gifts to the bishops individually. They steal from public coffers and shamelessly give some chunk away to these Churches. These clergymen are fully aware of where the money comes from but go ahead taking a share of the loot.

These bishops are fully on the know that these state governors, especially Okezie Ikpeazu of Abia State, has not paid teachers salaries in some cases for well over twelve months. They know that the parlous and jeopardous state of infrastructures across Igboland is a direct outcome of the culture of robbery and corruption embedded in the leadership of their governor friends. 

They watch their Church members suffer and die of mild and curable illnesses due to absence of good healthcare facilities when such could be well provided for with the money their governor friends are looting and sharing with them. 

Needless to mention the malnourished children, who learn under old, dilapidated and perilous school buildings. The bishops are aware of this fact with the urgency thereof. They know these corrupt governors who steal dry, the money earmarked for school projects that will help provide decent learning environments for these children. 

It goes without saying therefore, that Catholic bishops are accessories before and after the fact. In other words, by their silence and acceptance of gifts and donations from these governors, they goad them on in the commission of various levels of financial crimes, which are not to be played with in a functional democracy with active and independent judiciary. 

Besides, some of these Catholic bishops are the most disingenuous and the greatest pretenders of all the clergymen I know of. They have mastery of religious charisma and their over-the-top posture of holiness gives them a perfect cover. Sadly, they provide religious validation and rationalization for the governors who ruthlessly steal from the people, as well as brutalize them with impunity. 

These disgusting acts of these clergy men go to question who really they are pastoring for. Is it same Jesus Christ that laid down His life for humanity from whom some wolves emanate to devour His flock? By their actions, the Bible says, "you shall know them".

Written by Chima Ono

Edited by Chukwuemeka Okechukwu

For Family Writers Press International

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