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Dave Umahi: The Scavenging Vulture

 Dave Umahi: The Scavenging Vulture The gory and despicable developments in Ebonyi State, are no longer news. Indeed, no one will doubt that...

 Dave Umahi: The Scavenging Vulture

The gory and despicable developments in Ebonyi State, are no longer news. Indeed, no one will doubt that virtually everyday, lives are been wasted. What is shocking and of course annoying, is that Dave Umahi would so shamelessly consider the lives of his relatives expendable and accept a full time job of working for APC and Fulani Jihadists. 

For all intent and purposes, forming EbubeAgu Security Outfit was a bad idea. Everybody with a modicum of sense knew this. Local politicians are not beautiful. They crave an opportunity to exhibit their tendency to silence and extinguish every dissent and critic. Dave Umahi who was elected by his people to protect their interest and fight for their wellbeing as a governor, is today, using EbubeAgu security personnel to kill his people. Both political opponents and enemies – real or imagined, are being hacked to death, including the frustrated masses, any time of the day.

Freedom of expression is the bedrock of any civilized society. However, under Dave Umahi, that ingredient of democracy is gone. With the recruitment of touts whose job is public surveillance, what exists now is uncontrolled barbarism. Many unsuspecting victims who innocently engaged in harmless chitchats with strangers on commercial buses, in the market or God-knows-where, have either disappeared or found in graphic states. 

Their only crime: expression of frustration at the mayhem caused by Fulani herdsmen and the betrayal by Dave Umahi. His acquiescence to the Fulani murderers and the use of EbubeAgu to kill youths that are resisting the Islamic killers, is a source of worry. This gestapo-like attitude is being displayed by a tyrant who is unpopular. The story of a woman, who was traced to her home by hired foot soldiers, gruesomely cut into pieces for abusing Dave Umahi at Ebonyi international market, is chilling. 

With the accusation of organ harvesting that metamorphosed into #EndSars protest, it is hard to be convinced that these South-East governors are not involved in ritualism with the spate of killings that is unabatedly going on. Their inclination to side with the oppressors to create more tension that will lead to more killings rather than stand with their people, is suspicious and legendary, frankly speaking. It is said that those the gods want to kill, they first make crazy. There is no dispute about the end of those who has chosen the path of tyranny. It will definitely not end well for Dave Umahi. A word is enough for the wise! 

Written by Chidiebere Obulose

Edited by Chibueze Daniel

For Family Writers Press International.

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