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Debunking The Lies In Buhari's Independence Day Speech

 Debunking The Lies In Buhari's Independence Day Speech It was so disgraceful to celebrate a useless flag by some bloody and corrupt pol...

 Debunking The Lies In Buhari's Independence Day Speech

It was so disgraceful to celebrate a useless flag by some bloody and corrupt politicians in the name of Nigeria independence. It was however, a celebration time for the Northern jihadi politicians and some other treacherous elements gallivanting around, to assist their evil slavemasters that are bent on permanently conquering the South. This is a country, during the evil amalgamation, that masterminds sought for no approval of any ethinc group before establishing the entity. Eversince its creation by the British, it has been tales of serious bloody activities due to her incompatibility, ravaging the enslaved. To canvas that Nigeria is a peaceful place, is grossly an act of insanity. Whenever there arises any fairy tale of unity, just know that it is a ploy to hold on to  the Islamization agenda. Unity in Nigeria does not exist and will never be until the entity is dismantled.

Right from inception, nobody has been a Nigerian because the country was created by the British for their business adventures. Now, it has got to a point that the only solution is to provide the required measures for the freedom of the indigenous people entrapped therein. The original priority of  the APC run regime, is to islamize everybody, which formed the main purpose of chiefly sponsoring Boko Haram terrorists, Fulani herdsmen and bandits that are ravaging the whole country today. The same terrorism plot is what gave birth to the "Unknown Gunmen" which is equally being sponsored and financed by the government, to take over the South-East region starting from Anambra State gubernatorial election. The  hoodlums have been hugely paid to destroy lives and properties in Biafraland and blame it on the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), led by Mazi Nnamdi Kanu. But they have failed to understand that the world fully knows the truth today, about IPOB, as being the most  peaceful organization in all approaches. So those harbouring the thought that IPOB is behind the killing of prominent politicians, lack the facts. IPOB cannot kill Biafrans they are fighting so hard to free from Nigeria induced oppression. The country has become a pandemic to all the  indigenous populations as they are being confronted with excruciating pains and agony on daily basis. It has become a ritual/ common experience, to aid and abate corruption in every sphere that the  world cannot even  imagine. 

As noted earlier, Nigeria was forcefully amalgamated in the year, 1914, and then, got her flag independence on 1st of October 1960. Eversince then, it has become like cat and dog, yet freeing the indIgenous people has become a herculean task especially for Biafrans. The world responded so quickly to the coronavirus pandemic but has kept mute over the Nigerian atrocities that have claimed so many Biafran lives between 1967/70, and have continued till date. No solution has yet been proffered by the world leaders. Thousands of people, among whom are Biafrans, have either been abducted,  killed or imprisoned. Providing vaccine to this "pandemic" called (Nigera), has  been tortuous because Biafra remains the only antedote that will permanently cure her economic disease, killings and sponsoring of terrorism. Biafra restoration will weaken all these desperate politicians that are mainly from Northern Nigeria and will totally stop the implementation of their evil agenda. Biafra restoration remains sancosant if humanity must be saved in the West African sub-region.

This is the time to stop the molestation, arrest and detention of the IPOB leader, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu. Time for dialogue has passed. It is now referendum, to fully determine the people's decision.   Dialogue thus, remains so laughable owing to  the blatant unleashment of terror against the indigenous people that are peacefully seeking for their self-determination. Few days a ago, a video of the Nigerian army went viral. Innocent Shiite Islamists peacefully protesting in Abuja, were being shot at. In the South-East, arrests and detentions, are the order of the day. The IPOB leader, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu and Sunday Igboho have maintained the same  language against the killing and molestation of innocent IPOB family members.  The world should know that Nigeria does not recognize dialogue as a way  resolving her internal conflicts. They believe more on the use of force against anyone, trying to bring the evil regime of Muhammadu Buhari to book. Since the arrest of Mazi NnamdI Kanu, nothing has changed. Infact, it has became worse coupled with the arrest of another innocent agitator, Sunday Igboho. But the Fulani bandits have in recent times visited the North with unimaginable terror. The President and his information Minister have not  come up with the names of the people sponsoring them. Speculations of IPOB being sponsored by a serving senator from Biafraland, is a grave lie from the pit of hell. The only sponsors of IPOB are worldwide family members of the movement.

Written by Okedinachi Chidiebere

Edited by Onyebuchi Eucharia O.

For Family Writers Press International.


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