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Enugu Monarch, wife beaten and taken to an unknown location by Nigerian Police

 Enugu Monarch, wife beaten and taken to an unknown location by Nigerian Police The traditional ruler of Ihekwuenu autonomous community in A...

 Enugu Monarch, wife beaten and taken to an unknown location by Nigerian Police

The traditional ruler of Ihekwuenu autonomous community in Aku, Igbo-Etiti Local Government Area of Enugu State, HRH, Igwe, Christopher Okwor was on Thursday allegedly beaten and dragged to an unknown location by men suspected to be security officers.

The wife of the traditional ruler, Martina Okwor who was also allegedly beaten by the officers who had invaded the residence of the traditional ruler in Umakashi, Nsukka said the incidence occurred at about 10pm on Thursday.

She said that the policemen scaled the fence, forced their way into the building by breaking down the burglary proof before beating up everyone in sight not sparring two of their visitors.

When Vanguard visited the compound, our reporter observed that the burglary proof was pulled down and the entrance door was destroyed.

She alleged that the officers were led to their residence by three natives; Uchenna Ezemagu, Barr Nnamdi Ezemagu and Ifechukwu Ezemagu.

Enugu State government is still investigating the case between Bar Nnamdi Ezemagu and Igwe Okwor who was accused of demolishing a bedroom bungalow built in his land by Barr. Ezemagu.

“Around 10:15 p.m. yesterday. We had two visitors who came to our house, preparing to go and we heard a noise from our gate. So we asked the children what brought about the noise outside the gate and they said that nobody is outside the gate that they have locked the gate but after a while we had a knock on the door, shouting Igwe open this door.

“My husband asked them who they are and they told him to open the door that if he refuses to open the door that they will deal with him, without saying whom they are and immediately, they started breaking the doors from outside with iron and some other group went to my window and started pushing the burglaries which they succeeded in breaking my own window burglary and jumped inside.

“One of them pointed gun at my husband’s head shouting you are a killer you have been killing people for a long time and you will see today, you and your wife will be inside the cell today and started brutalizing us when they pushed me I hit my head on the freezer and one of them used the gun to heat my husband on the chest and they dragged us outside.

“They even beat those our visitors. When they dragged us outside the gate, I saw, Uchenna Ezemagu, Barr, Nnamdi Ezemagu and Ifechukwu Ezemagu. The invaders said they are taking us to Area command in Nsukka but midway to Obechara junction, they changed direction and said they are taking us to their base in Enugu.

“On our way to their base when we reached Opi junction they brought another car and pushed us out of police van to a private car belonging to Bar Nnamdi Ezemagu. I asked them why they are changing us from police vehicle, they said they don’t have fuel. They seized our phones from the moment they forcefully dragged us out till this afternoon when one man from Aku, Mathias Mbah gave me my phone”, She said.

The Royal father’s wife however cried out over her husband’s health and life, stressing that nobody understand their evil plans over him.

“I insisted on following my husband to anywhere they’re taking him because I don’t understand their movement. I am not sure my husband is still alive as I speak with you. The police man said they’re taking my husband to Abuja. Till now they have not told us what is my husband’s offence. Our people on Abuja have not seen him either.

“At Anti-kidnapping office this morning before they moved him to an unknown destination, they asked my husband to make a statement bu he refused, stressing that he cannot make any statement untill his lawyer comes since they refused to tell him his offence. This attack has been their usual way. The other time Anti Cult unit came at night the same way.

“They didn’t allow anybody to see Igwe where they kept him even his doctor who came to treat him when he was complaining of his chest. I was the only person they allow to go inside where they kept him waiting for those that invaded our home to come back to the station”, She said.

She disclosed that Aku people who came to Anti-kidnapping in the morning put calls across to Bar Ezemagu and his brothers but they refused to take their calls until when they came to Anti-kidnapping to perfect their evil plans.

An eyewitness who spoke to vanguard said that they visited Igwe and were about to go when the armed men invaded Igwe’s residence at started beating everybody and dragged Igwe and his wife away. I don’t even know who they are because they were not in uniform.

“I visited Igwe and about to go when the invaded the house. When they destroyed the burglary and gain access, they started beating everybody. They heat me severally thinking that I am Igwe’s son but I told them am not. When they realized that am not his son, they started destroying ceiling in search of Igwe’s son”, he testified.

Another eye witness, a member of neighborhood watch, said they heard the noise and gun shots and rushed to the scene but the armed Policemen outside the gate told them to go back since the entrance gate was still locked. He lamented that what happened at Igwe’s residence has never happened in Umuakashi village.

One of Igwe’s nieces, a 16 year old, Abia Jennifer, who narrated what happened said they were traumatized with what the armed swooped on them like criminals.

When contacted on Friday, Enugu Police spokesman, Daniel Ndukwe, said he should be given time to confirm the incidence. 24 hours after his response, he was yet to get back to our reporter.

Vanguard News Nigeria

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